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Puppy killers!

Posted by mesablue on August 18, 2007

Another incriminating photo of coalition forces terror tactics surfaces in Baghdad.

Found at Suitably Flip.

Background at Hot Air.


6 Responses to “Puppy killers!”

  1. Muslihoon said

    Such a cutie wittle puppy! Awwwwwwwwww!

  2. YOU HATE DOGS!!!!

    I know you are trying to fight it, but you do, don’t lie.

  3. pony said

    pony like puppy

  4. Actually I know that is a patriotic puppy, cuz it is well groomed, and it is a yellow lab. All retrieving dogs in general are VERY humanistic dogs. They are ancient breeds that are used to humans, like most of the pointers and hounds.

    Some people think that because a chihauau is so small they are perfect family/baby dogs, though in many cases they are highly aggressive, as was my maltese. My maltese was a PERSONAL dog, he only liked me, and the peole I trusted, but he only “attached” to me, which, unfortunately lead to his death. (moment of silence for mackey)

    However my childhood dog was a mutt, boxer great dane. HUGE HUGE HUGE dog, I hear people tell me about their rotts (lots of rots in the area for guard and protective purposes) but my bandit mutt would eat those rots alive.

    He was built like a boxer, but as tall as and long as a great dane.

    Really, Bandit was fucking HUGE! When I was a kid, bandit used to like to play a game with me, (he wasn’t stupid, and he wasn’t smart, but I think he understood his “pack”/me and my brother)

    I would climb on bandits back, I was at least 5 years old, and he would carry me for about three steps at a trot and then he would stop and sit down sending me flying into the air.

    Then that dog, with a sense of humor would run up and paw me, to make sure I wasn’t hurt, (dog paramedic classes basicly consist of running their paw accross your chest, if it’s just play, and a paw across your face if they are worried, and finaly both paws on your chest, pressing until you respond)

    Bandit was too big for our property, and honestly, too big for anyone that wasn’t myself, my brother, my mother or my father, he was an older dog, and it would be hard for him to connect with a new owner, but . . . .well honestly, my parents misjudged.

    They thought it was more cruel to keep bandit (he had a lot of accidents in our limited yard, I’ve shared a few of those stories) than to give him away.

    There was noone to give him away too. He was too big, and too new. So my family took him to the humane society when I was 9, to do both us and bandit a favor by finding a home.

    At about the same time, I went on a tour of the local humane society and I learned that animals, once the complex was filled, were euthenized after only 3 days.

    3 days? Bandit was treated like a stray, and I know, knew he was killed.

    I absolutely loved that mutt.

    Sometimes, actually, often, my brother and I make fun of my mother and my father for how they lied to us about Bandits exit from our lives.

    “Oh, how’s bandit on that farm?”
    Cuz that is the common soft lie of parents.
    however, my brother and I knew a LOT of people who had farms, we are related to at least 3 people who have farms, so we bought the lie at first.

    Finaly, my brother was 28, I was 22, we were told the truth,”Bandit isn’t with Matthias” (a friend of my parents) we took him to the humane society.”

    we both knew what that meant at that time in our town.

    Bandit was dead, who adopts an 8 year old dog?

    So we call mom “the executioner” and we refer to all dead and lost dogs as being “on a farm.”

    I think the “on a farm” is a good reference because, as I said, I know more dogs worthy of heaven, if it exists, than I know humans.

    Those humans who are worthy of an afterlife? I hope they are licked silly by loving poochies, and I hope at least one of them pets my bandit.

    He was a better human than I was.

  5. JESUS that was HUGE!!!!!! I’m sorry.

  6. katherine said

    this is wrong he is so cute. i beat he is saying dont hurt me i did nothing wrong!!!!

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