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Posted by Wickedpinto on August 19, 2007

Apparently us, the taxpayers, through our completely shit drunk navy sailor horny Marine Government, are paying $15BILLION and the majority of the money is going towards Circumcisions?

Is there any way I can get a tax write off for my genital piercing/s?

Update: random in-joke:

Whisper Alley HERE I COME!!!

7 Responses to “WHAT!?!”

  1. John said

    I don’t begrudge this money IF it’s used wisely. AIDS is ravaging Africa far more than here and given the potential foreign policy results, it’s money well-spent. As for circumcision, studies have shown that it helps reduce the risk but by itself it’s worthless.

  2. I saw a PBS thing, and basicaly, it showed quite clearly that the use of untrained, undisciplined conscripted forces in African nations by the UN, as peace keepers has actuall acted to allow rebel mentality, as well as spreading diseases from one point or another.

    Also, the circumcision thing has been related, but it is a coincidence without correlation as yet.

  3. pony said

    pony not circumcised.

  4. Joe in CA said


    Circumcision has not prevented AIDS in America. But it’s going to be different in Africa?

    Here is some inaccurate information:
    “The cells in the foreskin of a penis are especially vulnerable to HIV”

    Uh, no they aren’t…


    “The research reinforces studies showing that regions with high circumcision rates generally have lower rates of HIV.”

    Why don’t they show the Brewer Study, published in March 2007, where it was concluded that circumcision in Kenya, Lesotho, and Tanzania actually INCREASES the transmission of AIDS?

    That’s right; because it would be devastating to the circumcision cause.

    What a waste of (OUR) money. What a waste of surgery. What a waste of healthy tissue. What a waste, period.

    And I bet that this will somehow translate into circumcising babies again.

    This comic shows exactly how circumcision prevents HIV.


  5. John said

    Good job, Joe. Of course all of these studies pro and con need to be peer-reviewed and their results…er, studied. Eh, makes no diff to me since mine was snipped before I could even speak (hence why I pissed on the doctor, serves the bastard right). Even so, if it does help I don’t have a problem helping to pay for it. As I said before though, by itself it will not solve anything.

  6. Carl Hungus said

    Which whisper alley? I can think of at least 2, one outside
    Kadena, and another in Korea. I used to love going to the massage parlors after, then I could go get my drink on. So much more civilized.

  7. I meant Kadena.

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