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We are Slacking

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 23, 2007

I know, I’m sorry.

I just don’t have anything, and I’m caught up in a couple of books so by the time I turn away from the book and look at the news the blogs and the silly sites that might have something entertaining on them, I’m already late. 

I’m on my last book in the queue right now, so I might be more prepared in the next day or two, and I don’t know what Mesa’s doing other than studying physiology with a Dr. but I’m sure he will be back soon as well. 

For all of you loyal reader, sorry for the lapse, I don’t even have any irrational incorrect crazy to offer you right now, so I just thought I would point you all to slub for something that is both entertaining, political and kinda confusing.  Greenpeace hating on teddy kennedy.

Will be posting again likely later tomorrow, and if not I haven’t missed an SMC, though I sorta half assed it this week, only cuz I didn’t want two cartoon based posts back to back.

See what that is?  Thats self respect and dignity!  No matter how misplaced it was.

Once again, sorry for the lapse, it will return to normal in the next 48 hours.  


3 Responses to “We are Slacking”

  1. forged rite said

    I was going to say something when there was no SMC this week, but i figured you had your reasons and would be back at it eventually. Everybody loves those lolcats. You must have one of those pictures somewhere on the blog and people are hitting on it on google.

  2. mesablue said

    What’s an Smc?

  3. What’s an Smc?

    I hope you are just fucking with me.

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