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Global Warming

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 24, 2007

I think that Al Gore is flying in circles over the midwest right now.  Here is a list of the flash flood and sever weather warnings for the region, and here’s a report on some of the aftermath, and predictions for later tonight.

I tell you it was pretty awesome, I just finish up the apology post for slacking, I hear a little rain hitting the sidewalk outside.  I knew there was gonna be thunderstorms coming through so I sit there looking out the screen door, then after about a minute of rainfall, theres a big ass flash of lighting that turned the day into day, and BAM! Wind comes through blowing the downpour so hard that the raindrops are torn apart into a thick swirling mist.  70-80 MPH winds is what they say it was, and it knocked out power.

and then BAM! I hear something thought it was lighting, but then I half of my neighbors tree sitting on his neighbors fence and where the car normaly would have been, only lasted about 20 minutes for the first one, the rain died down, but two more times the world went crazy just like in Al Gores models, and there was a constant bombardment of thunderstorms throughout the night.

Naturaly I was concerned about everyones well being, so I called my local pizza place and had them send some 17 year old kid out in the insane weather to deliver me a pizza, cuz thats just how I roll.

Fortunately Dennis Quaid arrived today and restored power.

The outages were major, the 500K number mentioned in the article only applies to illinois I think, there were another 350K in NW IN, the local power company’s list of downages covered pretty much every town city or county within 50+ miles of Chicago. It was pretty damn cool.


4 Responses to “Global Warming”

  1. mesablue said

    We got pounded two nights in a row. Power just came back on.

    It was a pretty cool storm, watched it coming in. Looked like the end of the world. Huge lightning bolts coming off the front of a massive black cloud wall. There were three tornados locally and a bunch of downed trees.

  2. Yeah, I was gonna ask when you were expecting it, cuz you were in the line of it too. Theres supposed to be some wierd systems going on in the NW of here, so might get a lesser repeat in the next week.

    The storm was major here, I heard the weather warning sirens three times in my life. Once when I was in 4th grade cuz a tornado touched down not to far south of us, and then twice on thursday. Twice in one day, twice within 3 hours of eachother.

  3. Y’all can send some of that shitty weather my way. Every time it looks like it’s ready to cloud up and storm it’s ass off, the system splits and goes around S.E. Missouri. My yard is a lovely shade of brown.

  4. mesablue said

    I was amazed by how much damage there was in Chicago proper. Seems like every neighborhood had downed trees. Debris all over Lake Shore Drive.

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