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The Mother Teresa Thing….

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 28, 2007

These two pricks come off as well. . . .pricks. (thanks allah)

I’m an atheist myself, but I take no glee or joy in others who question their faith, or fall from their faith.  Honestly, I have an absolute respect for those of faith, because they can see something and believe that it is true.  I lack that, there is nothing I see as absolutely truth, but those who are faithful can find truth.  I might not share their faith, but their faith is a lovely thing. 

Now the smug newly faithfull who two days after ignoring faith lecturing me about their faith (vick) can eat my ass, but those who work so hard to find reason, within their faith, that IS a beautiful thing. 

get your defib’s prepared, but I was in the Marine Corps.  I served under Clinton.  I believed in the Corps, but not in Clinton, how could I reconcile such things?  I didn’t need to pray, or request mast of clinton, I needed only to look at my fellow service members and my fellow citizens to believe.

I questioned everyday if I should serve the false lord of Clinton, but I found faith in my fellow servicemen.

It’s a small comparisson, and those of the religious faith are looking for a larger one, and I do not at all judge them for questioning, even the greatest among them (though I think teresa was a bitch, no really I do, she tried, but she was a selfish bitch) who raise their voices in prayer, and suplication begging for that one thing that will make them whole with their faith.

I went through it almost constantly while in the Corps.  I was almost constantly reviled, I was weak, I was offensive, I was beligerant, I was arrogant, I was “too good” for my situation, but I didn’t mind.  While I was in, it was the best time of my life though I was shat on almost daily.  The Sister of my girlfriend recommended an office hours for me (she didn’t have the info) and she ended up being corrected, and nothing happened, but even if something did, I wouldn’t have held it against her.  Really, I’m fucking her sister.

You live, you suffer, you learn, you grow.

Only recently I have read “The creatures of man.” and there is a lesson in there, especially the story about the butterfly.  We grow beyond ourselves, we are not limited by what we know but rather we are motivated by what we don’t. (I suggest everyone read that compilation, eric flint is right, harrold myers could have been one of the greats)

I don’t know, nor does chris, he doesn’t know, but he’s an “intellectual” so of course he knows, even though he doesn’t, and donahue, fuck him, but many of the faithful don’t know, but they believe, and they find faith.

I don’t care about the characters, but we, mankind?  We have greatness built into us, just ignore the dicks, and focus on what CAN be done, and ignore what others are happy to mock as it wasn’t done.

I can dance on the grave of a dog, but I’d much rather play catch, while we both look into the sky and reach beyond our limit, even though, it’s only a matter of time that we can both touch that shiny dot.


7 Responses to “The Mother Teresa Thing….”

  1. damewiggy said


    and ummm, amen?

    may the schwartz be with ya — well scripted.

  2. well scripted?

  3. damewiggy said

    well written

  4. Oh!


  5. I think the “dancing on a dogs grave” thing was a bit much, but yeah, thanks.

  6. damewiggy said

    funny, that was one of my favorite parts — the catch thing pulled it together quite beautifully

  7. wickedpinto said

    I miss my bandit.

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