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This is stupid

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 29, 2007

Especially with the whole Hsu story floating, but clearly being ignored, but well, you know Condi is an elitist because she, well, you know, doesn’t like being talked down to.

I’m a very normal guy, in fact I’m technicaly poor, and if someone gives me a flank, when I asked for a skirt, or a butt when I wanted a brisuit, I get pissed, because I’m being talked down to.  See, now those guys actually have a reason to talk down to me, but to Mock the highest ranking black woman in the world because you give her glue, rather than diamonds, is just plain a request for an ass chewing.

I was once told that a brass zippo was pure gold, I was initially impressed, then I held it.  Gold = heavy, brass, not so much, of course I knew this before hand, I just wanted an excuse to throw it at the retailer who thought they could dupe me.  (thats true)

Condi has taste, recognizes those things that her taste attract her to, and judges some smug little retailer based on their snide remarks?

I’m fine with that, in fact, condi was nice, even though I think the “quote” is false, I doubt that condi is a rotten bitch, I’m more inclined to believe that the rotten bitch who wrote the article is more rotten than condi.

Update: though she is too skinny and too old for my flavor, I think Condi is kinda hot.  I like chicks who finish dinner, and Condi’s a bit dainty, maybe an antepasta before I devour real women, but she is a good looking woman.

7 Responses to “This is stupid”

  1. John Galt said

    “too skinny and too old”? for Wikedpinto?? Color me skeptical. Honestly now, on the binary scale, is she a zero or a one?

  2. Thats funny john.

  3. John Galt said

    She’s a super model compared to most of my “ones”.

  4. did you know shia labouf is dating rihanna? just a random insert.

  5. I like chicks who finish dinner…

    I’ve never heard it put that way before!


  6. my family hates it. not BIG chicks, just thick chicks. like sophia.

    Sophia finishes dinner, but she doesn’t finish mine.

  7. John said

    Congrats on making the WordPress front page!

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