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“I hit him in the skull…”

Posted by Wickedpinto on August 30, 2007

Tucker? let me inform you of something.  I’m a soft bitch, but I probably have 60 pounds on your self righteous scrawny ass.

I’m willing to call homosexuals fags, and doughnutpunchers, and rimriders, and you THINK you are the “least anti-gay conservative.” though you threaten to throw heads into the stall?

Bring your 3 breast friends, and I will bring ONE gay friend, and the two of us, one gay and one hetero will mop the floor with your “least anti-gay” conservative ass, faster that it took you to give your “I have black friends” or ” I have gay friends” defense.

You were a patronizing little shit, and even if you weren’t patronizing, you are a little shit.  I could snap your neck with one arm, and one leg as a “handicap” you tiny tiny tiny little elitest prick.

Hell, I bet if I had mesa shouting instructions from the corner, I could beat the living snot out of you with only ONE limb.

Ain’t the media SO FRIGGEN TOUGH!!!!! when they aren’t actually facing anyone?

NOTE: I’m a soft bitch now, VERY SOFT, but I’m still a relatively fit 220lb’s, at 6’1+

Tucker is just a napoleonic midget hiding behind the only job that allows him to say “THE CONSTITUTION, THE CONSTITUTION.”   Tucker?  You are a liar, and a pussy, you need some ass kicking to actually understand the “strength” you think you represent, but I guess thats a requirement for MSNBC.


17 Responses to ““I hit him in the skull…””

  1. eddiebear said

    Sadly, Tucker reminds me of a lot of the tossers I knew from high school (I went to an all boys prep school). I’m not Hercules, but they made me look butch. And what pissed me off was that these guys always got the hot girls from the nearby all girls schools.

    Oh, and I have a gay friend who could beat the shit out of almost any straight guy. I’d love to see him take on Tucker.

  2. I meant to depict the fight as a 4 tuckers to two wickeds. I screwed that up.

    Gays are not offended by language, fuck, they are FAR more guilty of it than hetero’s. I like gays, they tend to be nice people, a little sexually aggressive, but nice, and respectful as long as you keep saying , “DUDE! I’m straight remember?” “just wanted to make sure.” fucking harassing pricks, but it’s funny as hell I think.

    NEVER would I say “touch me again and I will throw your head into the stall.” which isn’t an exact quote, but tucker who has gay friends, insinuated his slightly less than 5′ stature would THREATEN gays, even though he’s so tollerant?

    No, you are a hypocrytical homophobe tucker, and let me modify my previous statement. I will contact one of my gay friends (not including the furry, thats just too wierd) and the two of us will be happy to meat ALL the staff of MSNBC.

    Fuck shuster might as well coat himself in lime juice and Perrins, as though he needs to be “tenderized.” BLAH the pussy.

    Bring in matthews, he’s a pussy, but his meat would be tough, cuz it takes a lot of effort and work to be that slavish.

    Anna Marie Cox, shit, she don’t even have enough meat to actually be a meal, a small anti-pasta.

    John Dean will just be Smoke, as we roast an extraordinarily large man named olberman.

    If the MSM has a problem with me mocking olbermann? arange a direct conflict. He outweighs we, amd I’m a soft bith, but I promise you, I will take the first 2 or 3 hits, but when it’s done? I win.

    I fucking HATE OLBERMANN you have to be a special kinda of retarded to be like him.

    Anywas, I think we have the basics, as long as we ignore the olbermanns.

  3. by “take the first 2 or three hits” I mean that I will let that bitch hit me, just before I crush his soul.

  4. eddiebear said

    KO reminds me of the jocksniffers I had to deal with in HS and college. Just because I could throw a decent curve ball and slider meant that not only did chicks want to be with me, but I had dudes hanging around who couldn’t do a “suicide drill” to save their life.

  5. eddiebear said

    All kidding aside, the guys who are comfortable in their own skin don’t go around saying they’ll bash a gay guy’s skull in.

  6. Eddie?

    You think if you meant business those millionaires wouldn’t run and hide from us? even the fat guy with glasses?

    I knew those guys all throughout my life, and I fucking OWNED them.

    All it takes is an understanding of mass and verrisimilitude, as well, as an indifferant vocal quality.

    One guy, who was once a friend thought he was tough cuz he talked a big game, and was friend with someone else who HAD a big game (no shit this guy dan, was a BIG BIG DUDE 6’6 and almost 300 with very little fat, he was a juicer)

    But I had a Fat guy who had nothing to play with it, watch the situatuation, and he said “I don’t know if you can take them (wickedpinto) but you should have seen their faces”

    Basicaly, he validated the basic truth of all loudmouths who want to be bully’s.

    they are PUSSY’s!

  7. They are ready to fight, but they don’t understand conflict.

    Idiots, and pussy’s.

  8. eddiebear said


    We had all state tennis and golf teams in HS. What’s that tell you?

    We had a lot of guys who would try to start sh&t and then run away when somebody would call them on it. But they would always yell out stuff like, “my dad will buy me out of trouble.” Or, they had a friend who happened to be a lineman on the football team (trust me when I tell you, pitchers stand no chance against linemen) and their dads would pay the lineman to be the bodyguard.

    Well, that worked for most. Sadly, a guy who was in my brother’s class (same HS as I attended) was constantly getting out of DWIs because his dad is a powerful lawyer in town. Last year, he killed a construction worker on I-64 while hammered.

  9. eddiebear said

    And before I totally bag onmy HS, here is a rundown of some good stats:
    my class and the military academies:
    West Point: 4
    Annapolis: 2
    Merchant Marine Academy: 1
    Coast Guard Academy: 1
    ROTC graduates at other colleges: 17 that I know of.

    My brother’s class:
    West Point: 2
    USAFA: 3

  10. Your class is far better than mine, ONE Naval Academy.

    though we had a pretty good enlistment rate, then again, we also has a pretty bad PRE service dump rate.

  11. Napp’s

    Catch you tomorrow.

  12. forged rite said

    I don’t like Tucker either, but i think he’s actually right in this case. If some guy is in a public bathroom just looking for sex and and bothering other guys, he deserves to get his ass kicked. It’s got nothing to do with being gay, it’s just common decency. If a guy was in a ladies bathroom doing the same thing nobody would put up with it, why should a guy have to put up with it? As for Tucker himself, i’m sure even the littlest queen could beat the shit out of him, so i don’t buy that part of the story either.

  13. forged rite said

    Should have said i don’t buy that part of Tucker’s story.

  14. ev said

    Uh, I think the quote said, “Stall,” not “skull.” There is a big difference. Giving somebody a shove and saying “get away from me, hitting on me while I’m doing my business!?” falls under “hitting somebody in the stall” and a very different thing from smashing their skull. At least you could be honest about the quote.

  15. ev said

    The actual quote was, “I hit him against the stall, actually.”

  16. Yeah, I have conflictory quotes, sorry about that Ev. I will leave it as a testament to my own doofusness.

  17. tucker was creating a false hypoothetical, in which he could describe himself as tough.

    I know gay’s, and something they tend to be, is cautious.

    It’s easy to be a ninja when you are a dipshit in a bowtie. It’s a little harder being a target for all of the pissant morons who don’t have the balls to be in the military in a non-military town.

    I’m just saying, I know, you think Mil move in groups cuz they are affraid? YEAH! A little bit, but basicaly, they move in groups, cuz they want backup when the rabble of pissant groups chose to assault them.

    Unfortunately everyonce in a while your group of friends are just WAY TOO DRUNK.

    Walk the streets of any US City wearing an “I’M ARMY!” or “I’M MARINE” (I’m refering to the haircuts) tag on you, and you are a constant target. Fuck, I was in my home town!

    Thats community organizing for you.

    You learn how to turn the populace against a-political heroe’s.

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