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Good Site, bad research.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 4, 2007

At newsbusters, a site that I like a great deal, but I always follow the links, and I try to understand the content, there is some guy who really doesn’t understand G.I. Joe.

 “that “real American hero,” is going to be replaced with an “Action Man” “

Yes, it looks like “Action Man” will be the primary character, however, Action Man has been a part of G.I. Joe background from day one.

“Paramount is even turning Joe’s name into an acronym adding insult to injury. Instead of just being the main character’s name,”

Yes, the Original G.I. Joe was named Joe, however, other than the initial release there were not any figures named Joe.  In fact, the G.I. Joe we most know,(the Cartoon and action figures from the 80’s) had no characters named Joe in it.  NONE!

“, there is no confirmation that the standard G.I. Joe we all loved as the expression of American heroism will be replaced by the international mercenary man concept.”

G.I. Joe, of the eighties fit this standard easily.  The G.I. Joe action figures, and Cartoons were basicaly of a multi-cultural, yet AMERICAN foundation, while serving the good of all people.

Hell, “The Joe’s” as us fans call them, bombed the FRIGGEN PYRAMIDS during the cobra la movie, and though the Joe’s had a bunch of different accents, and foreign names, it was always “A real American Hero.” It was to SHOW the power of the melting pot, not to isolate it.

“Some rumors claim that the title “G.I. Joe” will even be dropped in the international release to be replaced by “Action Man” (the original name of the Joe series’ British soldier) “

I read that too, but how is calling it “action man” a violation of G.I Joe, when the original name (later changed to “G.I. Joe”) WAS in FACT “Action Man?”

Now, I’m gonna go hunt down links, but as long as the movie stays true to the cartoon (which would suite the left just fine, remember Destro?) which will be easy for both ideaology (multi-culturalism, fighting a nameless and universaly hated entity in “Cobra” while simultaneously maintaining the basic American identiy of freedom, and the protection of freedom) I don’t care.  Though there is one link that said G.I. Joe will be based in some sort of scandi area, which IS NOT JOE.

This writer doesn’t get Joe, clearly never watched the cartoon, and doesn’t care about the history, he just knows it exists.   OH! there are reasons to oppose the film, if some of the rumors are true, but to fashion yourself as a Joe fan, when you clearly don’t know the characters, or the cartoon, then. . . .well, you know?  thats just bad editing, and just as propogandist, AGAINST hollywood, as hollywood is against the US.

Sorry, the basic sentiment is valid, the facts, are WRONG!

Good night guy who looks like a wiccan that won the lottery.


2 Responses to “Good Site, bad research.”

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  2. Wickedpinto said

    We need to Blogroll this one.

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