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John J. Haley

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 6, 2007

Is a Piece of Fucking SHIT!!

Makes me think of “Drawing of The Three” (from the dark tower series.)


NBC5’s Anthony Ponce reported that Haley has been arrested 10 times before, charged with six previous felonies of drug possession.

Read the article, and read the words of his lawyer.

Once again, Great job you got there boys.

Update: sorry bout the link.

Update:  Additional link, I was so pissed, I just went off the cuff.  This is a more thorough article, though all of the facts are the same they have been given additional detail.

Update:  More links, about this piece of shit

May you be gang raped by pinapple cocked lifers.

48 Responses to “John J. Haley”

  1. Robert said

    Linky no worky

  2. mesablue said

    I think he’s talking about this guy — http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/544632,CST-NWS-fishing06.article

  3. PattyAnn said

    Agreed, WP. This guy is despicable. And his clown friends, too. The only thing more wrong than what he did is the way the legal system there is coddling him.

  4. Joe said

    Only one of those previous charges was for drugs, the rest for various violent and property crimes. And $1.5 million dollar bail is hardly “coddling” a guy that works as a hvac repairman. He’s a violent bully, but get your facts straight before shooting off your bourgeois stsy-at-home mouth.

  5. That was just the quote at nbc5 joe.

  6. Daria said

    All of you people have no right to speculate on whether john is a “piece of shit” or not. i doubt you know him.
    your opinions suck. he might not be your idea of a banner citizen but he isn’t a murdere. and is already being fucked in the ass by this bullshit legal system. i though it was “innocent till proven guilty” 1.5 million dollars??? murder in the 1st???
    johnny’s innocent

    • cu said

      shut the fuck u stupid cunt

      • CJ said

        Wow, What an idiot. I hate that a waste of skin like this has some girl defending him so much. Apparently he’s raped a couple girls. Maybe she’s developed some sick attachment to her abuser.

  7. PattyAnn said

    WP, I think Joe was directing that at me since he used *coddling*.

  8. Actually patty, I think I was the target because I constantly offend lawyers.

    though, I’m confident that joe knows I don’t think all lawyers are evil, but most evil people ARE lawyers.

    I’m just sayin 🙂

  9. Also,


    violent felonies only VALIDATES his piece of shittedness.

    I really dont hate lawyers, but your bretheren make you an easy target.

    Don’t blame me, blame the shooters.

  10. Why did he push the old man into the lake? Just for fun?

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  12. Apparently Total, thats why I have no problem calling him a piece of effing shit (I know you are uncomfortable with foul language, but this guy rates it.)

    And didn’t think daria rated a response.

  13. mesablue said

    I’ll reply to Daria. Johnny’s innocent? Fuck you.

    He’s a violent scumbag. He killed someone. He deserves full punishment.

    He will be proven guilty because several people saw him kill someone. No reasonable doubt about that.

    And Joe, what’s your point?

  14. Joe said

    Who got the idea I am a lawyer? I’m just a citizen that has first-hand info about what happened that morning. What was intended as mere jackassery turned deadly when Mr Doan sank like a rock and drowned. Wrong? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Intentional murder? No. Should it go punished? Of course it should. But FIRST DEGREE MURDER? 1.5 mil bail? Give me a break! Meanwhile music industry burn-out Phil Spector is charged with 2d degree murder for shooting a girl through the head for turning down a one-night stand with his creepy ass. The millionaire also walked on $500,000 less bail than John! This whole situation suffers from the justice system’s perceived mandate to pacify the uber-left political element, which is the ruling faction here in Shitcago. Being a working class skinhead (NON-RACIST!) incurs the full wrath of the justice system, while the countless beating deaths by gangbangers that occur almost daily in this city attract little or no legal enthusiasm. I once sat through a trial in which a gangbanger served just 7 years for a prior murder and was back in court on a parole violation. Why so much prosucatorial zeal in Johnnie’s case? I wonder if John was a white collar property tax-paying ex-frat boy ( or a rich music indutry asshole), or for that matter even a gangbanger “of color”, how different the news coverage and legal proceedings would be.

  15. WHy Johnny!? said

    All you sticking up for Johnny need to wake up. He intentionally pushed that man and that is murder. Pushing someone in the water is not funny in the least bit. Johnny has clearly chosen the wrong path and friends. I’ve known Johnny for quite some time and hes been looking for trouble for quite some time. This is a strong message to grow up and keep your dang hands to yourself!!!

  16. joe said

    I’m not really arguing that Johnnie was and commonly does look for trouble. I’ve known him for years. What I am arguing is that what is lacking here is clear malicious intent to kill. This is implicit in the condition of premeditation that is an essential aspect of a charge of murder in the first degree. I will be more than happy to elaborate on the intricacies of these matters but I suspect that you lack the background and, likely, intellect to make it worth the time. Returning to my original point, the fact remains that this case has garnered such a degree of media attention and the resultant response to suggestions of “hate crimes” has, I think is fairly obvious, compromised John’s right to a fair trial. This reflects current American society’s, including the posters on this site, willingness to overlook facts and inability to take a circumspect viewpoint in situations involving those of a subclass. The archetypical “skinhead” or any other perceived threat to the way of life of the mainstream suburbanites provides incentive to discard standard legal procedure and precedent to satisfy an ill-justified but high-profile political gesture. It is doubtful that John would get a fair trial anyways given the vested interests that the legal system, from judges to state’s attorneys, represent. Breaking from the herd is crime enough in their eyes, so being heavily tattooed, a skinhead, or unorthodox in any other way ensures your status as a second-class citizen with second-class rights.

  17. mesablue said


    If anything, the system breaks the other way.

    He is charged with first degree murder. I doubt that is what he will be convicted of. They will try to prove premeditation, failing that, he will be convicted of a lesser charge.

    Just the way it works.

  18. heyyeah said

    I think it’s funny that johnny claims that hes a SHARP (skinheads against racial prejudice) because I have heard him say the word ‘nigger’ sooo many times. It seems that it’s become popular for people to say the word because they think it’s funny…but I can tell you that if he was a real SHARP he would beat the shit out of someone calling a person a nigger.

    Even if he didn’t mean to kill anybody, Johnny has been doing stupid stuff like that for years & something like this was bound to happen. People who try to live their lives as if they were in a clockwork orange ARE a danger to the community. He hangs out with lots of very impressionable young kids. Hopefully what has happened will click in to these kids minds that there are lots of better things they could be doing with their lives. I’m glad I stopped hanging out with them years ago. I believe the last thing I said to johnny I think a year ago was, ‘you are a terrible person’

  19. Do we actually have 3!!! readers who actually know this piece of fucking shit?

    I was a Sharp in highschool, and I proved it with a small, mean-nothing fight one night after a concert at medusa’s (I wanna say it was when rollins was popular with his solo shit “low opinion” and stuff)

    This guy, just plain thought it would be funny to throw a guy twice his age into the lake. There is premeditation, and their is the apparent disregard. Murder1? no, but murder 2, not unlikely, and his eagerness to run to a car, panting, and laughing about throwing an old man into the lake (depends on where it is, there are some places where thats a real fucking fall) isn’t funny, it’s cruel.

  20. Heyyeah said

    Yep, I actually know him. We used to play drinking games(3 man) until the weee hours of the morning. My life has improved greatly since I started avoiding him. I know that lots of people in Chicago would throw a party the day that they don’t have to deal with Johnny & his “gang” Chitown Mafia Skinheads (CMS) anymore.

  21. Heyyeah said

    Oh, & their even MORE retarded friends, Chitown 77 Street Punks too. They are nihilists who stand for nothing.

  22. dutch said

    yeah cms and 77 punk kids SUCK! whenever i am at a party they show up and everyone thnks “who invited them???” there are countless fights that break out and it is fucking ridiculous….and even though they claim they’re not racist, they are very exclusive, ie: if you’re asian and they find something special about you, you’re cool, but if there’s something they don’t like, they automatically are derogatory towards you (because of your race)

  23. dutch said

    and i have talked to him a few times about music but i never sensed anything off, but i was a little bit speculative about why he was flirting with 16 year old girls…

  24. Wow,

    This guy is such a piece of fucking shit, people actually find blogs in which they can hate on him. That’s like a Phd in piece of shittedness.

    Also, I wasn’t actually Sharp, I just hung with a bunch of them, 16 years ago.

  25. Joe said

    Are you guys glad you can hide behind the anonymity of the web to shit-talk CMS and 77? Being called the most hated crew in Chicago is not a bad thing for them. And Wicked Pinata can’t even own up to being a baldy in high school, and has to retract his statement? What’s up with that?

  26. Oh, I was a baldy, but I was never a part of the crew.

    The bald thing only flew for a couple months joe.

    they were my friends, but I couldn’t relate to them, I also had hair past my shoulders, I also a got a perm once.

    I was a kid, thats what kids do, but it was never my identity.

    You misrepresent my original intention.

  27. also, joe? I was bald and hanging with skinners when I was 15. This guy is . . .shit? 31? 32? so we are about the same age.

    I was damn near bald for about 6 years, one year and one year after, I joined a much bigger, a much tougher, and a much more responsible gange.

    I might be crazy, but I’m not a piece of fucking shit like this 31 year old, who killed an old man, cuz it might be fun.

  28. heyyeah said

    Which Joe are you? The old bartender from Seanachie’s? Joe is such a generic name it could be a bunch of people. Identify yourself & I’ll gladly tell you who I am. It’s not a secret that I am not a fan of these guys…with an exception for maybe one of them, but only because I’ve known him since way back when he was a big dork

  29. heyyeah said

    not that he isn’t still a dork, but at least he was innocent 🙂

  30. Joe said

    Joe from Seanchai’s doesn’t even have a cell phone, much less a computer. I don’t need to “identify” myself on this page. But then again, I’m not using it as a forum to let loose with the lips and try and recover a sense of self-assertion which you apparently lost in the company of these boys.
    I made my point and I give some respect to Wicked Pimento for avoiding ad hominem attacks against myself for my legal/political rhetoric and various other comments. I would probably feel likewise were I in different shoes.
    But Heyyeah, I suppose I will probably see you around at some point if you are, as you claim, openly out and about taking a stand against the “retarded nihilists”. Ha!

  31. Mesa avoided it too Joe.

    In general, we ain’t much for anger, at least, based on what I know of mesa. The anger I share, is pointed, and defined, no reason to go all apeshit on someone expressing an opinion.

    You are welcome to it, but John J, or Johnny as too many of you say, is a grown man who found humor in endangering and ultimately killing another man twice his age, simply because he is opperating from a near pre-adolescent paradigm of “cool.”

  32. Also Joe?

    Making subtle threats, while defending someone who killed another person, with glee, not just a lack of remorse, but reported glee, doesn’t strengthen your position.

    I must say, that the “local” aspect of this thread, absolutely fascinates me, both in that there are people who know him, supporting this piece of fucking shit, and people who know this piece of fucking shit who are condemning them.

    And then one other person who might be making threats to others in real life, though virtually impossible to express.

    FASCINATING!! Especially for this pissant place.

  33. Joe said

    If pointing out the bandwagon enthusiasm in pushing this case to national attention (while rape-homicides rarely receive either the same police effort or public mention) can be called “defending” a murderer, then I am guilty as charged. As an aside, if the victim were white I would stake money that we wouldn’t even be talking about this right now. Such is the nature of the guilty collective American conscience.
    But, to reiterate, as it seems my point has gotten confused over the past few days, homicide does not need to prove intent to kill. By pushing anyone in the water, even as a sick joke, you incur culpability, as any reasonable person knows that there is serious danger of death or injury. It’s rather a question of degree. If every person who kills someone gets 1st degree murder, then how do you effectively punish the mass murderer, serial killer, or sadistic homicidal child rapist? This is assuming that are not so naive as not to see that crime severity operates on a continuum. Anyhow, that’s how it’s supposed to work but I’ve already had the legal shaft and know that it rarely does.
    And I really don’t need to make threats, some yahoo yappin on an internet post is the least of my worries.

  34. I honestly didn’t know his race (the victims) joe, I knew his age, also, this isn’t national news. I’m from a chi-burb, Mesa lived in the city proper for most of his adult life.

    This story, because I knew mesa, and a number of other commenters are from the area, is why I made the post.

    AMA national? That would be sweet.

  35. and the first degree murder thing is a fucking ruse joe, most everyone knows it. He COULD be liable, based on the statements of his “friends” and the law, for murder 2, but in all liklihood he will end up with man 1.

  36. Well, that is unless the DA thinks his 10 FUCKING ARRESTS for “Only one of those previous charges was for drugs, the rest for various violent and property crimes. ” becomes a . . . .whatchamakalit?. . .not contributing, but. . .not exacerbating, I don’t even know if thats a word, but anyways, if the fact this is a violent person who has been charged with 10 crimes, one drug (btw, the sharpy’s I knew were also straight edged) violation, and the rest with violent and property crimes, some DA might say “This guy is a piece of Fucking Shit, and can’t be trusted, he got away 10 times before, and was walking the streets, and JUST WALKING! he decided to commit man one, (or depending on the location, it could be murder 2, remember, there are a lot of places along the lake that the fall itself is deadly) and with the testimony of his ‘friends’ and the declarations of himself”

    He hung himself, besides, it’s illinois and blagoiavich is a pussy, you think he’s gonna kill johnny before rod is replaced by the next corrupt governer? Shit, 30 years of prosecutions went to shit with ryan’s “moderate” republican ass, masking his own corruption with that fucking moratoriam, and it can’t be withdrawn.

  37. heyyeah said

    OK Joe, I don’t know why you’re hinting that people who are anonymous on this thread are cowards while you yourself are anonymous. Is your last name shmoe? Anyway…I should’ve expected you to make idle threats. I would like to try to stay on the topic, but to rebut your claim that I am trying to recover a “self-assertion which I apparently lost in the company of these boys,” I would like to say this: Kids like these who are confused, lost, and angry at the world definitely lack self assertion…which is why they are trying to gain an identity through fitting in with a group, who, due to lack of self esteem, decide to try and make everybody around them as miserable as they are. So Joe, if anything I gained self assertion by not hanging out with skeezy people. I realized I can have a good life, as opposed to being in & out of jail and making my mother cry (which, according to john’s brother, who I respect…his mother is devastated)

  38. Your Mama said

    He will pay for his crime. Stop talking shit about Haley. Tend to your own lives. I’m sure that 99% percent of you don’t know him personally. Because if you did, you would know that he fell through the cracks a long time ago. And if you were hanging out with him at one point or another, you know that he had no intention of killing anybody. The people that were with him that morning are just as responsible as he is. I seriously doubt that they walked away from the him because he was acting erratically. Nice try in trying to save your own asses. You are all responsible for Mr. Doan’s death.
    Get a life people.
    -Your mama

  39. mesablue said

    You are all responsible for Mr. Doan’s death

    Uh, no.

    Nice try. Johnny was not some innocent kid who “fell through the cracks”. He is in his thirties, and chose to live this life.

    Intentions aside, he killed someone. That’s it. Done.

  40. Joe Shmoe said

    Now that my point has seemed to make itself clear, I have nothing left to say. I am not on here to play public relations rep for Johnnie, nor have I tried in the past. But Heyyeah, are you female, or just some emo kid? You sure sound like one with your MTV world socio-psychological theorizing. By the way, that was a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer. So long, moral authoritarians. Best of luck finding a new topic to beat to death ad nauseaum.

  41. Joe, we kinda do it everyday, I just find the action on this thread remarkable.

  42. heyyeah said

    hahaha, mtv…..ya got me! You’re right, mtv is where I get all my facts.

    • Dennis said

      I am completely late to this whole affair so I am actually quite “gutted” to read about John’s situation. It is now 2014 and this happened ages ago but it still saddens me to read that a person I knew has wound up in this unfortunate situation.

      I moved away from Chicago in 2001 because “The Real World” assholes moved down the street from me and made North Ave. unbearable. I still remember being with Chris and Ugly (77 st OGs) drinking 40ozs during the infamous door paint throwing rawkus/party/mini-riot North Ave shutdown at the Real World house when they first moved in. If you were there you know what I’m talking about….Viacom covered up the entire incident…..

      I was friendly with CMS and 77th st. Hung out off and on from with them Summer of 2000 to Summer 01. Crossing paths with them from The North Side to my own residence on North Ave. I met John while I was DJING at a party at my neighbor’s house. CMS and 77th st crashed the party but all was cool and we connected. I hung out at Air Wear rarely and also DJ’d Metal at Vertigo Bar on Western. 77th st members and CMS frequently visited the amazing bartender Louise there… So I hung out with CMS and 77st!!!!

      I am not white, and I listen to Metal. I wore an Iron Maiden backpatch every fucking day. I never had any issues with any of the people some of you are so freely talking shit about. Not once, did they make me feel uncomfortable about my race, not once did they act any more obnoxious than any of my co-workers at Jimmy John’s or my roommates during that period.

      77th st and CMS were elitists but that did/does not make them nazis. I cannot speak for their current leadership but Chris and Johnny hung out with me despite my appearance and addiction to Metal. I would see them on the North Side when I was headed to buy records at Metal Haven and they always took the time to have a conversation and ask what was up.

      People do stupid things, fighting was part of the Chicago lifestyle when I lived there from 97- 2001. I hung out with GDs and Kings on the SouthSide, I dealt with Kings when I lived on Archer and Ashland. Gang mentality in Chicago and the sense of having a crew was just part of the city life back then.

      But even these larger groups of people always dealt with other people individually. I grew up in Detroit so maybe I had the charisma to deal with volatile individuals. But, I can personally say that John was not any worse than any other human being I’ve dealt with in my life. In fact he is somebody who always was a pleasure to have a drink with and enjoy the moment.

      I remember asking him and Chris and a few other CMS and 77 ‘ s if they were racist…..and I’ll never forget their response……they spoke of how the anti – racist skins always wanted them to side with the ANTIFA lifestyle. But they refused because they didn’t want to take a political stance. They replied that they hated everyone equally. I always respected that response.

      The World Is full Of human vermin, I am one and you are one too. If you can’t look in the mirror and realize that your beliefs and your race don’t make you better than the next person. You are just fooling yourself. We are all full of shit, we are human beings.

      It is how you deal with the world around you that defines your humanity. All of us make stupid mistakes, we have all hurt somebody for our own selfish needs. It is unfortunate that John’s decisions led him to this fate. I have met many people in my life, I have hung out with people from all sorts of subcultures. A vast variety of musical and creative paths. CMS and 77th street punks circa 2000-01 were some of the realest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. No front, No bullshit. I have eaten meals with them and spent enough time with them to take the time to write the truth about my acquaintances.

      If you knew them you know my words are true. If you did not know them, your lies just reveal your ignorance and your own issues with these individuals. That is your own agenda, I have no agenda other than sharing the truth. I hate that I did not see this post back in 2007.

      I will try to locate John and find out where he is in 2014. It is an unfortunate situation. But I end my comment with this question……shouldn’t everybody learn how to swim? Especially if you are going to be a FUCKING fisherman? All you really have to do is float in the water and not panic. I’m just sayin’…….I don’t care what race you are. Humanity is doomed. FTW

      Also as it was said earlier….John’s brother is cool as hell. Met him a few times at Vertigo.

  43. […] and the defense of this little punk, not just by other lefty wackjobs(note, talk left is one of the more honest left sites, 4 stories on lipstic, 2 on tanning beds, none on a gross violation of privacy by a pathetic little manboy who’s daddy will pull him out of a felony, NONE) , but by the supposedly sober media, makes me think of how John J. Haley is a Piece of Fucking Shit. […]

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