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Not funny cats

Posted by mesablue on September 13, 2007

This may be blog suicide considering how many hits we get every day from people searching for funny cats, but this is worth it.


25 Responses to “Not funny cats”

  1. bmac said

    Ha! Thanks man, I’ll be laughing for the next 2 hours, or “IBLFTN2H!”

  2. You made TWO cat posts, but somehow that is still the top search term. I didn’t even have to threaten you with cat-blogging, you brought it on yourself. . .. somehow.

    I can only think of 4 cat posts since I’ve been a contributer, 2 of them were sarcastic.

    I HATE the “funny cat” thing, I figured SMC would have at least earned a spot, since it’s the only contiguous reference we have created.

  3. mesablue said

    I don’t get it either. The phenomenon is too big.

    Maybe this will change things.

  4. Nah, it will actually feed the ferver,

    Maybe we need a geriatric juggs posting.

    Any chance jen will take part? (or was that evil, on my part? 🙂

  5. Chris Blumen said

    I swear I’ve seen this somewhere…haha.

  6. mesablue said

    Yeah Chris,

    Found your site through S. Weasel. Loved your story about milk girl.

    Keep writing, you are a natural.

  7. Chris Blumen said

    Thanks a lot. It’s a fight to do it. Inspiration is hard for me now. When I started this, it was much easier. 90 blogs in (a few as filler of course)… Lord, it becomes tough.

  8. Hannah said


  9. sonja cm said

    ummm im not sure wat to say this is weird

  10. Trevor Comeau said

    This whole cat + 1337 speak (leet speak) thing is getting a little out of hand.

    I mean sure the pictures were funny, but now they have Merchandise and dvd’s.
    It’s nuts !

    – Trevor

  11. LIAM said

    coool and very funny!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahah

  12. ellie said


  13. teeva said

    IM IN UR CAR DYING? wat u mean? da cat is having fun in the car lol!

  14. maseeha said


  15. afdaf said

    w000000000000000t nice pic

  16. fernanda said

    WEIRD but funny

  17. Mandi said

    wow… i don’t think any one here actually thought that maybe someone locked their cat in a car on a hot day, went into a store, forgot about the cat and that cat is now dying of heatstroke. it is something that happens very often and it is not funny. that cat is NOT having fun in the car to me. it is trying to breathe. it is animal abuse and that is never funny.

  18. janet said

    didnt tink dat it was all dat good sorry

  19. mesablue said

    I deednt tink dat eny1 wud be a hayter wen eye postd it 2 yrs agoo.

  20. gemma said

    its not funny thats my cat

  21. Cat Lover said

    that was shite, who writes these fuckin things, obviously someone who is sad and mentally offset ………. that gets a big PISH !!! from me and i cant stress anough how much you sad bunch of wankers really are…..

  22. fuckface said

    fuck you ou dirty rot nose skank

  23. bbbbbb said

    it is to funny

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