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Do something good today

Posted by mesablue on September 14, 2007

Wake Up America has this:

Send a Marine an E-mail

From: Colonel Simcock, USMC

“US Marine Colonel Simcock, the commander of USMC Regimental Combat Team 6 in Iraq, is asking for 6,000 positive emails to his Marines.

That’s one email for each Marine in his RCT command. COL Simcock is concerned about the effect of the negative barrage that those Marines are getting through the electronic media.


“If you’re reading this email, then you can probably click on the address, type a few words, and then hit “send” to be all done.

It doesn’t have to be the Gettysburg Address. Something as simple as “Hello, Marine. We thank you for what you’re doing.

You are in a noble task. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Best wishes & get home soon” is more than sufficient.

It will only take you a moment. Please let our brave men and women in The Marines know that you appreciate the very hard work that they do every day to protect each and every one of us.

Update: The Fightin’ 6th Marines excellent blog is — here

24 Responses to “Do something good today”

  1. spree said

    Thank you so much for helping them get the 4,000 emails that they still need.

    You are an angel.

  2. Will work on it later today.

  3. bmac said

    Done-linking to my blog too, thanks.

  4. pajama momma said

    ok, I did it!

  5. BGG said

    Done! Although I also contributed an 18-year old to the Corps last week and currently having some separation issues!

  6. When he comes back BGG, you think those seperation issues will be reconciled when you see the pride and bearing of the young individual who. . . .contributed themselves, actually, returns and looks into your eyes?

    I know it’s terrifying, I haven’t done it myself, but I saw how my mother reacted when my brother went to the AF (she was a wreck) but my father stood stern while my brother was present.

    By the time we got home, I know that my father took it harder, I can’t imagine what my parents went through when their baby joined the Marines.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like BGG, but take confidence during their boot leave, and believe them. I’m sure they are telling you the truth with their words, with their goals, and with their very being.

    Thank your child when they come home for their leave BGG. I’m sure mesa and I can appreciate it, and I’m sure everyone else should as well.

  7. pajama momma said

    BGG! Ooh Rah! I remember how exicted I was as a little girl to go to my brothers’ graduation from boot camp. They were so different when they got out. Definitely made them men!Course they went in to get away from my dad, but that’s beside the point.

  8. PJ,

    I know this isn’t at all uncommon, but, my mom attended my grad, all of her crazy about service was tucked into a corner after that, then when she was my “date” at my first MC Ball (my father, also a Marine never attended a ball proper, there was that whole “war” thing) and my first MC Ball was AWESOME!!! I was in signals school at. . .ACK!!! in Gordon (I can’t believe I had to google that) there were only like 30 Marines on base, 11 of them were my close friends, 6 of them were NCO retreads, 3 were admins of the post, the rest were intel guys.

    more than a thousand people attended the MC ball, and only about 30 of them were Marines, the attention we got was unbelievable.

    My mother hated my service, cuz “her boys are better than that.” but there is no denying that on that night, her boy, and she in particular, (as the mother of a Marine on the day of the ball, she was SWAMPED with army officers asking her to dance, or to be introduced to the brass) were the only stars in the sky.

  9. BGG said

    I’ll be going to the graduation, it’s just a day’s drive.

    I’ve been to Ft. Gordon for an MI exercise, Wickedpinto. As I recall there were more Waffle Houses around there than I’ve ever seen in my life!!! Do those people just live on waffles?!

    I have the opportunity to go to the MC ball every year in D.C. but haven’t. BGG does not dress up.

  10. The Ball, is an experience, dress up once, just tell your wife she will be the center of attention, if she is a Marine wife she will be the ABSOLUTE center, like a SMBH, and as the mother of a Marine, she will be the gravitic equivalent of the andromeda cluster, all she has to do is wear a pin, I forget what the pin looks like, it’s been almost a decade, my ma’s didn’t have to wear it, cuz her “date” was a Marine.

    Really BGG, I’m sure Mesa can confirm, ESPECIALLY on the bases of other services, the ball his HUGE!!! HUGE HUGE HUGE! kinda huge, imagine, huge, and then think of what something that is huge considers is huge.

    Best MC Ball I atttended in terms of regal treatment was gordon. Most fun was Oki, but thats because it was a small clicque, being a small clique.

    Find your way to a ball, and you will understand exactly WHY the Marines believe themselves to be the knights of a royal order, in a democratic society.

    It’s because we are.

  11. BGG,

    Another thing I said, I lived not that far from MCRD SD while at two-nine, and at graduation, I was so focused, on what I must do, but I also realized what it must be like to watch it.

    There is something divinely beautiful about a bunch of men (I think SD is still exclusively male)doing exactly what they are told, in exactly the way they are told, in exactly the way.

    It’s like river dance, only manly and frightening, while also comfortable, and trusting.

  12. BGG said

    I’ll think about it. However, I and my offspring are both female and she is at Parris Island. Although I guess there are times that I wish I had a wife, ha. 🙂

  13. BGG?

    Attend with her boyfriend, or whatever.

    It’s STUNNING!

    It really is, we have the best uniforms, not because we have the best designers, but because we have the best tradition. We have the best “Balls” not because we are the best entertainers, but because we have the best tradition, and everyone else knows that.

    Attend BGG, I don’t know if you have a mil background, but if you aren’t Marine, it might very well change your life.

    It is beautiful in a way that most don’t realize is beautiful.

    Most think that such beauty must be dedicated to summerflowers, and ocean currents.

    The Drill, is something that is made exclusively of man (as in mankind, not as in people with dicks) and the flow is like an ocean, the design is like a mountain range, it is an expression of our greatness and our power, and our desire to MAKE that change.

    It’s absolutely beautiful bgg.
    I had three spectators at my grad, one of which was my friends hippy (though successfuly wealthyish) aunt, she couldn’t recognize me, and she ran up crying, no shit, crying though she disagree’s with military service, to my mother, and asked “which one is (wickedpinto)”

    My mom didn’t know, but she knew that I was there, and the fact that I was one of them made her cry too!

    I was dismissed after final drill, and I walked up, knowing them, they couldn’t even recognize me, and the first to realize that I was who I was, was my friends aunt.

    She ran up (she’s less than 5′ tall I think) and jumped up to kiss me on the cheek, (I’m over 6′) and mom finaly recognized me.

    “I never would have thought”
    My friends aunt said (meaning she thought I was too big a pussy to be a Marine)
    “Me either,” my mother said (meaning she didn’t think her baby could ever be a “man”)

    I walked up, in clothes more expensive than most working class people would bother to purchase, and I picked up 4 bags (mine) and carried the lugage filled with my gifts that my mother, and my friends aunt brought to me.

    (attending a grad is almost as culturaly shocking for the attendees as for the grads)

    I’m in my best assigned uniform (alpha’s) walking like I’m a manservant, and it didn’t even touch me.

    Not once.

    Not then, not ever.

    We serve BGG, I think even your daughter, especially with the timing of her service, knows that.

    She doesn’t exist to praise, though her service IS a praise, she exists to serve.

    And that is beautiful.

    I don’t care if your child is the fattest ugliest, most bullied bitch in highschool by the heathers.

    There is something in her, that will live through the ages.

    Botacelli can suck ass, next to the wonder of what your child has chosen to do.

  14. BGG said

    Haha, she is a stunning babe actually, a chip off the ol’ BGG! I did Army time myself, and the one thing I’m especially hoping boot camp will do for my teenager is help her lose her ego. Pride in excellence and a job well done is completely a different pride from cocky 18-year old pride. My hope is that she comes out of boot camp understanding the difference.

    I’m very excited about going to the graduation but I sure hate blubbering in public, dang it.

  15. I don’t think you will be able to fight it BGG.

    Maybe not blubber, but tears running, I think that is guaranteed.

  16. And since you were service, unless she has a serious boyfriend, you might be her “date” at her first MC Ball.

    Like I said, the ball, is an experience itself.

  17. BGG,

    I said this in boot, because I understood the psychology of boot, which actually made things worse for me.

    Being FIT enough, is relatively easy, the HARD part surrendering your own identity and becoming an equal, now matter how “superior” or “lesser” in some ways, to only accept the requirements of service.

    Also, I hated Stinking, but thats besides the point. (I really HATED smelling bad, cuz you spend most of your boot smelling worse than shit) The other was, not being able to be honest, but I wasn’t liked much.

    Nothing more tender and tasty to a DI is a failed intellectual. My AFQT was 98.

    I was constantly tested in base, and my DI’s hated me being constantly tested.

    Thats actually a good thing in my case, I did become strong, while attending intellectual testing.

    Though I was a weak ass bitch in boot?

    I know that my DI, SSgt Galleiagos, I think is the spelling, is the without a doubt BEST Marine I have ever met. He was assined FOA during somalia, he was Force Recon during the first gulf war, he was sniper during the balkans, but wasn’t allowed to fire, and after that clintonian abuse, he became a trainer.

    And he was FUCKING AWESOME!!!

  18. pajama momma said

    My oldest brother became a Marine first and then my other brother signed up. When he did, my mother actually went down to the recruiter to yell at him for signing my brother up. My brother was mortified. Somehow she got him out of going for four years. I think he went for two and then the reserves or something like that.

    It was MCRD SD. I love San Diego. wah!

  19. They have a 2/4 slice PJ. 2 active, 4 reserves, I did hear about a 2/2 split, but I think thats only for the army.

  20. […] A Marine An email Via Absolute Moral Authority and Wake Up America “US Marine Colonel Simcock, the commander of USMC Regimental Combat Team 6 in […]

  21. bmac said

    I don’t know how comment # 20 got there, although that is my blog, I didn’t post that comment. In process of re-locating to wordpress, maybe that’s it. Sorry……

  22. mesablue said

    Looks like a ping/trackback Bmac. Thanks for spreading the word.

  23. It is a trackback, I don’t know who is responsible for the site, BMAC might not have been updated on her families efforts.

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