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Global warming, you fickle thing…

Posted by mesablue on September 16, 2007

Saturday’s record chill earliest here in 117 years

Autumn paid an early visit to much of the Midwest Saturday as a multitude of temperature records fell by the wayside.

The city’s official 39(degrees) record low at O’Hare not only broke the old record of 40(degrees) for Sept. 15 set in 1985, but it was also the city’s earliest in the season sub-40(degrees) reading in 117 years since a 39(degrees) low on Sept. 13, 1890. Some other record lows set at nearby locales included Rockford (35(degrees)), Springfield (35(degrees)), Moline (36(degrees)) and Madison (32(degrees)). Just to the west, both Cedar Rapids (31(degrees)) and Dubuque (32(degrees)) experienced their earliest freezes on record.

It was COLD last night.

When is this global warming thing going to pay off? I’m doing my part by driving a big ol’ gas guzzling SUV, but this is taking too long.

Where can I buy some carbon debits?


3 Responses to “Global warming, you fickle thing…”

  1. Ma’s boyfriend, is thinking about adding air and heat to his “summer cottage” after friday night.

    It was cold, no doubt.

  2. Global warming believers want you to use wood fire. What a joke. Good luck stay warm.

  3. damewiggy said

    ya cracked me on ‘you fickle thing’

    consequently, it’s fricken cold, mr. bigglesworth.

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