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If Mothers Ruled the world.

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 17, 2007

I saw it live, and I was irritated as all hell by it, but I didn’t post until I found Allah paying attention to it.

Sally wanted to be meaningful, and powerful from the first word, Oh, she did the “Thank you so much!” but then when she forgot her prepared speech, cuz it looks better if you aren’t working off of notes, and the class act that is a complete idiot in the shape of a woman who gained fame as a surfer girl, a flying somewhat heretical nun, a trashy broad who fled her wedding to hang out with bootleggers and an outright friggen lunatic, decided it was important to state that if women who are mothers (cuz she PLAYS a mother on tv) we need to do away with war by having mothers run the world.

Quick timeline:

Before any girl or woman becomes a mother, she is seen as a piece of ass, and guys fight over her.  Then she becomes a girlfriend, and her man gets into fights over her, then she becomes a fiance’ and her man gets into fights over her, then (this is not a STRAIGHT line, since these motherhood and spousal commitment is no longer a requirement, or a standard) she becomes a wife, and her man, and her mans family, and her mans friends get into fights that concern her, Then she becomes a mother, and her husband, her husbands family, her husbands friends, and her own children (the males) get into fights to make sure that not only is she safe, but also respected.

If women ran the world, mothers or not, it would be a MUCH more violent world, because while the woman doest take part in the violence, it isn’t at all, in the least, uncommon for that woman to be behind instigating the situation that leads to the violence of the men who care about her.


One of the greatest epics of violent conflict is based on a womans insoucient disregard for duty to the men around her, and the fundamental conflict men have when surrounded by women, not because we own them, but because we love them.

Also Bebe’s boobs destroy society.

Maybe for the sake of peace, we shouldn’t think about how to be rid of men in the reproductive process, but rather women.  The Tleilaxu seem to have a rather simple life on their homeworld.

Or better yet?  How about we give up this self serving idiotic accusation that war is an abheration, rather than an ultimate conclusion?

“give peace a chance.”  We do, everytime we are not at war, but whenever we engage in warfare, we are told to give peace a chance, when those demanding that “peace” a more common aspect of life than war, aren’t willing to give war a chance.

Sometimes, you have to punch, before you can flee, sometimes you have to accept violence to make a friend, and sometimes, you have to kill the mofaku’s who are trying to kill you.

And how CALM! and PEACEFUL of Sally to shriek “shut up” twice before rambling like a drunkard, only to finish up about how peaceful mothers are, when, you know, one of the most offensive things you can say during reasoned discourse is “shut up” without cussing or insulting a “mother.”

Update:  I left out the part about how “The Best Actor in a Comedy Series,” was the best part of the night.  I don’t think Steve Carell’s running up on stage was planned, but it was hilarious how all three reacted, also, if the vid hits the innertubes, Steven Colbert mispronouncing Steve Carell’s name made me laugh out loud, just like the mispronunciation of Catherine Heigl’s name earlier in the show.

I don’t like their politics, but they ARE some funny friggen guys.

Update:  Yeahp, every mom is a pascifist.

GREAT UPDATE:  THAT “Makes Me Mad” I guess women really DO inspire pacivity, other, than the fact that DROOPY becomes violent.

I’m just say’n.

8 Responses to “If Mothers Ruled the world.”

  1. mesablue said

    Heh, only you could work a Dune and South Park reference into that.

  2. My initial reference was to the illiad, followed with references to Dune and South Park.

    Making the Illiad the initial reference, makes the other two even more ridiculously powerful and poignant in my opinion.

  3. […] I ran Wickedpinto’s latest rant through the thing. Words: […]

  4. nicedeb said

    WP, you could at least spell pacifist right, if you’re going to link to my blog!

  5. mdjm04 said

    Sally Field just looked stupid! I had to wonder if she was “on” something or if she is starting to have dementia. I don’t think it’s osteo I think it’s mental. I don’t share her veiws at all! And I don’t know why Actors wait until the Emmy awards to make these political statements. I just won’t watch the Emmy award anymore if we all quit watching then maybe the Emmy officials would make sure the Actors personal opinions are kept to them selves. I don’t watch the Emmy or other award shows to hear “has been” actors give me their person opinions. If the Emmy is suppose to be political then count me out! Hollywood is going to crap! Sally Field go home your an embarrasment. And to think I used to like her as an actress ewwwwwww! Now I will turn the channel when she comes on.

  6. Sierra Bloom said

    “They” wanted to burn Galileo, and Copernicus on the stake when they said the Sun was the center of this Solar System, and NOT the Earth, as the bible wanted us to believe.

    Wicked, is your commentary meant as a joke? At first i thought you were serious, but then when i started laughing…and couldn’t stop, i knew you were pulling our legs. It was funny, good one!

  7. I don’t see galileo in there at all, though I wish I would have included the alex jones argument.

    I was irritated, but not angry, and clearly theres a lot of joke, as well as a bit of severity in there. I mean really, comparing the illiad to southpark and Dune as Mesa saw was deliberately meant to be playful, as well as focusing on the evolution of women as a piece of ass, progressing towards evil minded behind the curtain warmongers.

    But the irritation at sally fields is real.

  8. And noone wanted to burn copernicus alive,seeing as how his belief in helio-centricity was published after his death.

    And galileo, a truly devout member of the church, was never threatened with burning at the steak, but rather a quite luxurious house arrest until he recanted. Oddly enough, he only recanted after he had been through several lines of publication, and though he had tapped that well, and spread his word.

    Galileo didn’t believe in heliocentricity, he proved it. . . .the phases of venus and all that jazz.

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