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Moonbat pharmaceuticals

Posted by mesablue on September 17, 2007

Ever wonder how the loony left deal with all that cognitive dissonance?

Well, wonder no longer — Tryphorgetin.

h/t The Bullwinkle Blog


3 Responses to “Moonbat pharmaceuticals”

  1. pajama momma said

    Didn’t Hillary announce that Tryphorgetin will be free w/her health care plan?

  2. damewiggy said

    This is the funniest thing ever. And where do i get the shirt.

  3. hotoffthepress said

    In cooperation with Bruce Chapman Productions, The Bob McCarty Shop™ is offering Official TRYPHORGETIN™ Merchandise in line with the Bruce Chapman’s parody that Rush Limbaugh played on his show Friday. Check it out!

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