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Don’t tase me bro — remix

Posted by mesablue on September 19, 2007

This is good…

h/t RightwingSparkle

7 Responses to “Don’t tase me bro — remix”

  1. Great stuff!

    OT, but you’ll thank me later, I think:

    Alicia Silverstone in the buff for PETA!

  2. mesablue said


  3. Alicia is one of my beloved, even if she is stupid.

  4. jeff said

    Now idiots are making a fortune of the phrase…check out this site:http://www.cafepress.com/thecrazyirish/2638690

    I will admit however, it is pretty funny on an infant t-shirt

  5. swanny said

    Go Fred. This tase thing is getting crazy attention “john kerry” (+1,280%), “taser” (+533%), and “university of florida” (+108%) hurtled upwards. I know if i could control internet marketing by getting tased “light me up”

  6. Hey Mesa, go visit my buddy’s Rally Goat Curse site.

  7. Browning said

    Don’t block me, bro

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