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I am not one to dance on a grave,

Posted by Wickedpinto on September 27, 2007

However a great many people will be doing so now because bill wirtz is dead.

I don’t think most hoped for his death, however, I think most hockey fan’s came to the realizition that the hawks would not be able to get the local recognition they deserved, until bill either sold the team (unlikely) or until he died.

 It’s a shame he died, however, his death is probably one of the best things to happen to chicago hockey.

It was DISGRACEFULL how he restricted the team, and ‘hawks fans learned to hate him, so most every Chicago hockey fan cheered his death.

 It’s a shame that he was that STUPID! that noone could see him as a human but as nothing more than an “uncle moneybags” prick in the way he managed the business of the ‘Hawks.

It’s a shame he’s dead, but honestly?  For hockey fans?  thank god he is, he was a horrible horrible owner, without a doubt the worst owner in all sports.

Rest well bill, but nothing that follows has anything to do with you.

be at peace, but also, be alone, the ‘hawks most definately will not be your legacy, seeing as how you went out of your way to destroy them.



6 Responses to “I am not one to dance on a grave,”

  1. damewiggy said

    damn, that’s cold — even for chicago!

    (but i still lol’d)

  2. He has been voted, several times, the worst owner in all sports.

    I’m not a hockey fan, sometimes I watch it, but my brother is a big hockey fan, and he makes the case that I might be more of a fan if I could actually watch the friggen games.

  3. eddiebear said

    Wirtz drove that team into the ground with his miserly nature.

    One wag cracked that the team died long before he did.

  4. I don’t take joy from his death, but from what I know, I can see how fans can see the upside of the team, more than they care about the downside of his death.

  5. Barry in CO said

    There’s a Winston Churchill quote where he said ‘I’ve never killed a man, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure”.

  6. Wickedpinto said

    victorian, and post victorian politicians and writers, are responsible for a lot of macabre death quotes.

    Of course it was elizabethan author dickens (he was at the time of elizabeth wasn’t he?) had a shitload of the best. like “beautiful corpse.” and the one about how life is a terminal condition, and how death makes us all ugly, or is the death makes us all ugly attributable to wilde?

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