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Excusez-moi ?

Posted by mesablue on September 28, 2007

A film translated from English to French…then to German, then French again, and then back into English.

Why not?

Found at Fazed.org

16 Responses to “Excusez-moi ?”

  1. pjmomma said

    I should have known it was named after wicked.

  2. pjmomma said

    best line: I want to neglect the remainder of my life with you

  3. It is precisely checkmate!

  4. pjmomma said

    It never was the mostly strange video tape

    originally: That was the funniest video ever

  5. A healthy omen for the cubs in the first inning Mesa. Reduces the tension a lot when you are first on the board.

  6. mesablue said

    Can’t watch tonight’s game, it’s not on WGN. Stuck with the gameday thing.

    Actually hoping that they’ll clinch tomorrow when I’ll be in town. It’ll be a crazy, drunken, fun mess.

  7. well, if you are gonna be driving, you should be able to get WBBM radio by the time you hit. . . ann arbor?

    My michigan geography is all dicked.

  8. mesablue said

    Not leaving until the morning — kinda early.

  9. What a load of SHIT! MLB doesn’t allow live simulcast streaming of baseball games!!

    If not, then How the fuck did cuban make 4 billion bucks with broadcast?!

    I was looking for a WGN radio link for you mesa, I didn’t know they had internet blackouts.

  10. mesablue said

    Yup, the whole CSN thing sucks, too. They won’t broadcast outside of Chicago.

  11. can you get it at the Comcast homepage? They have a lot of exclusive footage they stream.

  12. mesablue said

    Nope, they won’t do it. I’m kind of used to the gameday thing. Besides, I’ll be there all weekend.

  13. They are only 1 out from clinch right?

  14. mesablue said

    It’s 2. If they win and the Brewers lose tonight, it’s over.

    The Cubs and the Brewers have been losing lately. But, the Brewers have to win out to force a one game playoff. Still looks good for us.

  15. (drunken Voice, with a gravely throat that comes with being a 120 year old who doesn’t apparently know a damn thing about baseball!!!)


    (thats my harry carey impersonation.)

  16. and the brewers are down by one in the 7th.

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