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The Ikea commercial that you’ll never see…

Posted by mesablue on October 6, 2007

Until now.

Brought to you by the fine folks of Ikea Germany, making fun of the Swedish midsummer tradition, the day when everybody in Sweden gets drunk and dances around a Maypole. Ikea headquarters put the kibosh on it.

Like Germans don’t get drunk and run around in silly little pants.

Damn Scandis

h/t Innocent Bystanders, follow the link for a very funny song about gerbils — Wickedpinto’s favorite snack food.


6 Responses to “The Ikea commercial that you’ll never see…”

  1. Santadelic said

    This is so great!!! LOL
    I’ll create a link on http://www.santadelic.com!

  2. gah. couldn’t watch after the woman took a bite out of the side of that fish.

  3. mesablue said

    Heh, you missed the best parts, it gets funnier after that.

  4. Graci said

    Hmmm…looks suspiciously like one of your fill-in-the-blank-apaloozas.

  5. mesablue said

    Ha! Pretty much. Next time we need a bunch of fish and a pig.

  6. Graci said

    And a Maypole…didn’t see one of those in the pics.

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