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Fred! in Michigan

Posted by mesablue on October 8, 2007

I’m still trying to line up my invite to actually get inside for tomorrow’s presidential debate in Dearborn. Being a past McCain and current Fred! supporter does not ingrain you with the party here in the land of Mitt. I like Mitt a lot — I just like Fred! better, for now.

However, if you live in SE Michigan and want to meet some other Fred! supporters, I received this by email today:

I’d like to invite you to join me and other Fred Thompson supporters in Southeast Michigan for a Pre-Debate Rally in Dearborn next Tuesday, October 9th to show our support for Senator Thompson!

Cheer on Fred Thompson at the Dearborn Debate!!

Tuesday, October 9th

1:00 PM

Outside the Dearborn Police Department

16099 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn, MI

With the recent strong poll numbers in the state, it is obvious that Michigan voters are looking for a strong, consistent conservative leader like Senator Thompson. This is an excellent opportunity to bring your friends and show the country that Michigan is Fred Thompson Country!

Romney’s folks sent an invite to a debate watching function and post party with Mitt. It would be interesting, but I think I’d feel a bit guilty scarfing down their food and drink while cheering for Fred!.

Though, if Fred! doesn’t knock it out of the park in the debate — Mitt might be the guy. Fred!’s gotta add some substance to all of the rhetoric. Expectations are pretty high, it’s time to meet a few of them.


7 Responses to “Fred! in Michigan”

  1. forged rite said

    You get to meet Fred? Pretty cool. Fred’s the only one i actually like, but i got no problem voting for Romney or Giuliani. I don’t buy into the all the talk about them and guns and abortion. Yeah, they might not be as forceful on them as Fred would be, but they’re not going to go against the the majority of the party on them. They’d just keep things as they stand now, which is a lot better than what Hillary would do.

  2. forged rite said

    I like Duncan Hunter too, but it looks like he’s not going anywhere. It’ll be interesting to see who the VP is no matter who’s the nominee.

  3. pjmomma said

    Did you get to go?

  4. mesablue said


  5. pjmomma said

    are ya gonna do a post on it?

  6. mesablue said

    Nope. I didn’t bring my camera. The pre-debate rally was pretty lame. Except for Ron Paul and the hippies. Afterwards I went to Romney’s and Giuliani’s receptions. Rudy bought me a beer. Fred!’s people had a small room at the Hyatt Regency where about a dozen people watched the debate, but Fred! didn’t stop by.

    Other than that, it was just what you saw on television.

    I did get a kick out of the car with Canadian plates with a Ron Paul bumper sticker. Canuck hippies for Paul — I guess. Some one should tell them that they can’t vote for him.

  7. pjmomma said

    Ha! I love how other countries enjoy giving their sweet, sweet batshit crazy input about who we should elect.

    Very nice about Rudy buying you a beer. Does that mean you actually got to talk to him? Did you squeeze his ass? Was it firm? Does he spit when he talks? These are very important questions that will help me decide who to vote for.

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