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Ellen loses it

Posted by mesablue on October 17, 2007

No one died, her girlfriend didn’t leave her, Bush didn’t get re-elected for a third time — what could she be so upset about?

A puppy!!! Ellen was a dumbass and adopted a rescue dog and was surprised when it didn’t get along with her cats so she gave the dog to someone else. The rescue dog place made her sign an agreement that if she couldn’t keep the dog — she’d return it. It’s a rescue dog, dipshit. They don’t want to have to re-rescue dogs that are passed around by idiots who adopt them on a whim.

Watch and be amazed at her moonbatty little tantrum…

Longer version — here.

Heh, I don’t expect this to be on YouTube very long.

Update: Nice — Death Threats Won’t Sway Rescue Group to Return Dog Ellen DeGeneres Gave Away

6 Responses to “Ellen loses it”

  1. You can’t re-gift a dog!

    You can re-gift a sweater, you can re-gift a book, you can re-gift a lot of things.

    But you can’t re-gift a dog!

  2. nicedeb said


    Still, it sounds like the pup found a good home, why can’t common sense ever prevail in these cases?

  3. mesablue said

    Because she broke rules that are in place for a good reason. They already screwed up by giving Ellen a dog. If she had followed their rules — they would have let the family keep the dog. Dog rescuing agencies are much more careful (usually) than other pet adoption agencies. If the family wants the dog — they can go through the process.

  4. bmac said

    I wrote her a letter:
    Stupid bitch.

  5. Bullwinkle said

    Sounds like a job for Cris Crocker — Leave Iggy Alone!

  6. Brielry said


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