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Socialized medicine in Canada — broken

Posted by mesablue on October 17, 2007

Healthcare rationing, thousands crossing the border — people dying.

A cottage industry has popped up in the US arranging healthcare for Canadians that can afford to cross the border for treatment.

“Canadians that don’t use the healthcare system love it, those that are in the system — don’t.”

via Hot Air

4 Responses to “Socialized medicine in Canada — broken”

  1. GrumpyUnk said

    Geez, I can’t wait till Hillary! assumes her rightful place on the throne and mandates this shit. This is gonna suck as an RN and a consumer.

  2. Jeanne said

    This letter which is supposedly from a someone in Canada to a friend in the United States is pure hogwash. Its so-called “facts” have been uncovered at http://www.snopes.com, a website which publishes mistakes, urban myths, lies, mistatements and other misleading junk floating through the internet. The link to the page which confronts all the lies in this letter is http://www.snopes.com/politics/medical/canada.asp. Pass it on.

  3. geoff said

    Reading through the Snopes analysis, their biggest complaint was that the letter said things that were only true in certain provinces. Their second biggest complaint was that many observation couldn’t be verified. They didn’t really debunk much – they just put it in a broader context.

    Snopes did note that you have to wait 300 days for knee surgery in one province, and 17 1/2 months in another. Wait time for my wife in Colorado: 3 weeks.

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