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Elvis at his highest

Posted by mesablue on October 24, 2007

4 Responses to “Elvis at his highest”

  1. cranky said

    Obviously, when you said highest you did not mean the peak of his career. How about some truthiness in your headlines?


  2. mesablue said

    Thruthiness is what I’m all about.

    Your experience may vary.

    Typical disclaimers apply.

  3. Muddville said

    Such a shame. He had this fabulous band backing him, and when he actually got around to singing, it was obvious that he still had a pretty good voice. If that’s what being famous gets you, I’ll stay obscure, thank you.

  4. bmac said

    A classic! One of my teenage friends father, was Joe Guercio, the Joe in the “Where’s Joe” Anka rant, and also Elvis’s orchestra director during his tenure at the International, now the Hilton. Anyway, Joe would bring home all the Teddy bears and stuffed animals, and random crap that Elvis fans hurled on stage every night, and give it to his son, who had a huge collection of this crap.

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