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Stupid is as stupid does

Posted by mesablue on October 24, 2007

Remember that little town outside of St. Louis where the kid videotaped a cop that pulled him over and harrassed the crap out of him? The mayor of the town said he wouldn’t stand for it and pushed to have the officer fired.

Well, the mayor, who is an ex-cop just got into a little trouble himself.

St. George mayor, arrested on drug charge, resigns

St. George — The mayor of this tiny but recently infamous community resigned Tuesday, a day after he was arrested for misdemeanor drug possession, a city official said.

Mayor Harold Goodman, elected last year, was arrested Monday night by St. Louis County authorities, Alderman Carmen Wilkerson said.

Goodman was a former police officer who had taken early retirement because of illness. Goodman won election in a three-way race in which the incumbent mayor was challenged by his wife while the two were in the process of getting a divorce.

St. George, a one-fifth square mile hamlet at Interstate 55 and Reavis Barracks Road in south St. Louis County, landed in the national spotlight recently after a video of a police sergeant yelling at a motorist went public. The officer was fired.

Nice town.

One Response to “Stupid is as stupid does”

  1. eddiebear said

    Today’s update (sorry, I don’t have the link, just go to stltoday.com) has this guy linked to kiddie porn as well.

    St. George is one of the glorified subdivisions in St. Louis County (the City is independent of the County) that have “speeding tickets” as their primary source of revenue.

    While I am a native St Louisian, as is my wife, we both are disgusted with how corrupt and slimy the area has become (or has always been, if you wish). That is why we are both happy with the fact I have a prospect for a new job in DC.

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