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Neo-Nazis for Ron Paul

Posted by mesablue on October 29, 2007

Even the skinheads love him!

Hey Ron, nice crowd you attract.

Nice to know that he has the racists, misogynists, anarchists and socialists on his side.

A guaranteed recipe for success.

Dream on psychos.

I’m of German heritage and last I checked — I couldn’t vote in elections in Germany.


I don’t live there. Never have. Just like the racist, idiotic scumbags who put this video together have absolutely no place in American politics.

While I think it’s nice that these folks have an interest in our country — go fuck yourselves.


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Happy belated birthday Hillary

Posted by mesablue on October 29, 2007

From your good friend Peter Paul…

Hillary Uncensored

October 26, 2007 marks Hillary R Clinton’s 60th birthday. It also will mark the eighteenth day that a “Rough-cut” trailer of an unfinished hour long documentary on Hillary’s political career suddenly appeared as the number one ranked video viewed on Google Video, where it remains #1 as of this posting.

The phenomenon of an unfinished 13 minute political film trailer, never intended to be released to the public, unintentionally leaked on a political blog which spontaneously generated a viral frenzy among internet users, resulting in more than 1.3 million views in the US and England (where it has become the number one political.news video on YouTube) attracted more popular attention than the landmark civil fraud suit Paul v Clinton et al, pending in a California court today

Part two.

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