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Neo-Nazis for Ron Paul

Posted by mesablue on October 29, 2007

Even the skinheads love him!

Hey Ron, nice crowd you attract.

Nice to know that he has the racists, misogynists, anarchists and socialists on his side.

A guaranteed recipe for success.

Dream on psychos.

I’m of German heritage and last I checked — I couldn’t vote in elections in Germany.


I don’t live there. Never have. Just like the racist, idiotic scumbags who put this video together have absolutely no place in American politics.

While I think it’s nice that these folks have an interest in our country — go fuck yourselves.


5 Responses to “Neo-Nazis for Ron Paul”

  1. Gabe said

    Its sad that people are typically more brain washed in Europe, At least some make an effort.. a very confused and sad one. Only if he saw hes hypocrisy.

  2. Robert said

    What I don’t get is just how the socialists can actually support Ron Paul. He stands for everything they are against, I thought. I don’t get it.

  3. pjmomma said

    The only Libertarian I enjoy is Neal Boortz. He’s a firm believer in defending one’s country. That unfortunately makes him hated by a majority of the Libertarian party.

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