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Question avoidance 102

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2007

An Edwards campaign commercial. The politics of parsing.

Pretty good.

Hey John, can we borrow this in about six months? You won’t be needing it.

Previously — Question avoidance 101.


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Watch out for falling — cows?

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2007


More weird news, this time not from Michigan, but to make sure that the universe stays in proper alignment…

Falling cow lands on Westland couple’s minivan

MANSON, Wash. — A Westland couple celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary in Washington State barely escaped disaster when a 600-pound cow fell 200 feet and landed on the hood of their minivan.

The county fire chief says the couple were lucky they weren’t killed by the cow that fell off a cliff as they drove on a highway on Sunday.

The van was heavily damaged, including a broken windshield.

Charles Everson says he kept repeating, “I don’t believe this. I don’t believe this.”

Westland, if you haven’t guessed already, is in — Michigan.

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It’s about time

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2007

I went to the polls today — and had to show a valid ID before I could vote. Excellent.

Voter fraud in Michigan, more exactly, in Detroit, has been rampant in past elections.

The law requiring that voters be required to present a picture ID or sign an affidavit before voting was passed in 1996. Because of interference by the ACLU and NAACP, it wasn’t until July of this year that Michigan Supreme Court decided that the law was constitutional.

Predictably, against all outward appearances of no problems whatsoever, the NAACP had this to say:

NAACP: Detroit voting ‘messy’ due to ID requirement

DETROIT — Officials from the Detroit Branch NAACP monitoring voting this morning say the process is “messy” because of the new photo identification requirement.

Melvin “Butch” Hollowell, general counsel to the Detroit NAACP, said there was one report of a voter being turned away in the city for not having an ID. He didn’t have any more specifics and was investigating.

He also said there has been confusion in the Detroit City Clerk’s Office over which affidavits to give to voters when they don’t have a photo ID. He said that one of the NAACP monitors witnessed a voter instead being given an affidavit for a provisional ballot that is set aside for six days until a voter can prove his or her identity.

One report is “messy?” Give me a break.

But clerk officials said that there have been no problems with election workers giving out the wrong affidavits.

“There has been no confusion,” said Daniel Baxter, director of the Department of Elections.

In July, the Michigan Supreme Court decided that a 1996 law requiring voters to either show a picture ID or sign an affidavit is constitutional and enforceable.

Voters need a Michigan driver’s license, state-issued personal ID card or other acceptable form of ID. Those without photo ID at the polls must sign an affidavit attesting to that fact before they can receive a ballot that will be counted with all others.

Elsewhere, elections officials reported few problems with the launch of the ID requirement.

Secretary of State spokeswoman Kelly Chesney said Michigan election workers reported that “the process has been smooth and orderly.”

Chesterfield Township Clerk Kelly Jo Smolarek has experienced no problems today with the new voter identification law.

“Everyone has been very receptive,” Smolarek said. “We have not had one negative comment. In fact, some people are saying it is about time.”


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Where’s the pork?

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2007

Why, it’s right here…


Picture courtesy of The Sunlight Foundation.

One of Sunlight’s resident creative geniuses (yes, there are many of them) have taken all the Defense Appropriations Earmarks and made them available for viewing within Google Earth.

Spend a while browsing with Google Earth. It’s eye opening/mind numbing.

No big surprise that most of it seems to be in the bluest areas of the bluest states.

Via Instapundit.

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John Kerry — throw me under the bus again, please!

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2007

John Kerry, not one to know when to slink away quietly into oblivion, now claims to have the goods on the Swift Boats for Truth folks.

Kerry says he has the goods on those eeevil Swift Boaters

The 63-year-old Democratic senator told The Patriot-Ledger on Tuesday that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group of Navy servicemen who served with Kerry and criticized his record in Vietnam, will be revealed as liars.

“We have put together a documented portfolio that frankly puts their lies in such a total light of absurdity and indecency, that should they ever rear their ugly heads again, we have every single ‘t’ crossed and ‘i’ dotted, and I welcome that in a sense,” Kerry said after addressing Boston’s South Shore Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a shame we weren’t able to produce all that at the time.”

This will be interesting. He could have ended all talk about this before the election that he lost if he would have kept his promise to release his complete military records. That was what? Three years ago? Still waiting…

Of course, he didn’t want us to know the truth then and it will be interesting to see what version of the truth he cooks up now.

Don’t miss this revelation, no doubt to be announced on his “Christmas in Cambodia” holiday special on MSNBC next month. Make sure to wear your magic hat while watching.

John Kerry — too little too late stupid.

Via Bryan at Hot Air.

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A cool day in Hell

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2007

Michigan, that is…

Couple from Hell wins Halloween lottery

HELL, Mich. (AP) — Life in Hell just got a little easier for John and Sue Wilson. The couple, who live in the unincorporated town 45 miles west of Detroit, were blessed with a $115,001 windfall from the Michigan Lottery.

They won the big prize in the Fantasy 5 drawing held Wednesday – that is, Halloween.

“How cool is that?” said Sue Wilson, 43, a teacher’s aide. Her husband is an electrician.

Very cool.

I went to Hell on 6-6-06. The town had a big festival, it was bikers, beer, satanists and evangelists all in one place — a good time.

Heh, the last time I posted weird news in Michigan, I got linked by Instapundit. *fingers crossed.

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