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A cool day in Hell

Posted by mesablue on November 6, 2007

Michigan, that is…

Couple from Hell wins Halloween lottery

HELL, Mich. (AP) — Life in Hell just got a little easier for John and Sue Wilson. The couple, who live in the unincorporated town 45 miles west of Detroit, were blessed with a $115,001 windfall from the Michigan Lottery.

They won the big prize in the Fantasy 5 drawing held Wednesday – that is, Halloween.

“How cool is that?” said Sue Wilson, 43, a teacher’s aide. Her husband is an electrician.

Very cool.

I went to Hell on 6-6-06. The town had a big festival, it was bikers, beer, satanists and evangelists all in one place — a good time.

Heh, the last time I posted weird news in Michigan, I got linked by Instapundit. *fingers crossed.


One Response to “A cool day in Hell”

  1. bmac said

    I emailed you this awhile back, not sure if you got it, but it’s kinda cool.
    These guys go into abandoned buildings in Detroit, and other parts of Michigan, and document their flagrant lawbreaking.

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