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F**k global warming!

Posted by mesablue on November 12, 2007

Very NSFW!

More from The Guy From Boston.


7 Responses to “F**k global warming!”

  1. nicedeb said

    Soooo, I wonder what the guy’s favorite word is?

  2. Sobek said

    Not a Gore fan, I see. Kerry? I’m gonna guess Kerry.

  3. pjmomma said

    I think his favorite word has four letters and starts with an “F”………………..food

  4. PattyAnn said

    I had to send the Merry FN Christmas video to my husband yesterday. Seriously, he’s started a list of tv commercials and if they are Christmas related and say Holiday or something else instead of Christmas, then they are written on a little tablet he carries with him on a do-not-shop-there list for this household. I can’t believe my normally mild-mannered sweetheart is doing this.

  5. Barry in CO said

    Patty Ann, please post that list so I know where to do my Christmas shopping and avoid the godless Christ-hating heathens.

    have y’all seen The Kid From Brooklyn on the web? TKF Boston seems to have ripped off his act.

  6. scccl said

    Global Warming Guy, the music video

  7. Even if scientists disagree I list on my site ways to save money and help the environment. Frankly, it is hard to know what to believe.

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