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Clothes? I don’t need no stinking clothes!

Posted by mesablue on November 21, 2007

At least that’s how it played out tonight in the state that is trying to give Florida a run for the money for weirdest news on a daily basis.

Naked man walking: saga on I-94

Motorists call about freeway wanderer; police use stun gun

The Michigan State Police said a trooper used a stun gun to restrain a man who was walking naked in traffic on I-94 in Ann Arbor on Monday evening.

Troopers responded to the area of eastbound I-94 near Stone School Road at about 7:20 p.m. after receiving calls from motorists about a naked man walking in the center lane of the freeway, said Sgt. Chris Pascoe of the Ypsilanti Post.

The troopers saw the man wandering in the freeway but he would not respond to verbal commands and resisted their attempts to get him out of danger, Pascoe said.

Did I mention that it’s pretty cold in Michigan in late November?

9 Responses to “Clothes? I don’t need no stinking clothes!”

  1. cranky said

    So this is how Lloyd Carr celebrates his retirement?

  2. TRM said

    should I refrain from the obvious cold weather/penis remarks?

  3. Barry in CO said

    I was in the pool just walking!

  4. Barry in CO said

    effed up the html tag!

  5. damewiggy said

    i dated that guy.

  6. Muslihoon said

    Hijack time!

    BlameBush! said (emphasis added):

    As we know, the tradition of Thanksgiving began when the Mayflower landed on Malcolm X, near what is present day Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Fed up with the hegemonic stranglehold the Church of England had on their lives, a small band of progressive Christians sailed across the Atlantic to establish a New Eden in the New World, where gays could marry, women had a Right to Choose, and the only form of currency was Love.

    Regarding the last point, I think it’s called “prostitution”.

  7. PattyAnn said

    Amazing how much we use that *Naked* tag, isn’t it?

    Happy Birthday Mesa,

  8. Muslihoon said

    Happy Buttday!

    (When some of my South Asian relatives say “birthday”, it sounds like “buttday”.)

  9. nicedeb said

    Was he related to this guy?


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