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Dinner blogging — bacon wrapped steak

Posted by mesablue on November 30, 2007

So, I have some bacon left over from the bacon wrapped turkey that I made for T-Day and I got a box of Omaha Steaks the other day.

What to do?

Bacon wrapped New York strip steaks? Sounds good to me.

First, season with fresh ground pepper and salt — then wrap those suckers:

Toss them in the pan:

Cook until a perfect 139 degrees internal temperature:


Any questions?

8 Responses to “Dinner blogging — bacon wrapped steak”

  1. jayne said

    Those steaks looked so good they made me hungry! And its too early in the morning to want steaks.

  2. dame said

    i’m telling ya’ mesa, pigs toss and turn in the night fearing you, mister.

  3. cranky said

    So, how are those cholesterol numbers?

    God, those look good.

  4. […] of hits I get every day on the Deep Fried Bacon Cheese and Beer Dog  post. I live blogged my Bacon Wrapped Steak experience and have previously found such wonders as the Bacon Martini and the Bacon Scented […]

  5. Any questions?

    Whats that disgusting white shit on the bottom of the fork?

  6. mesablue said

    mashed taters

  7. Shayna said

    Wow you should really keep your rude comments to yourself lol even tho it did look rather yukky anyways thank goodness you had an idea on how to make that i looked you up because im attempting to make this dish tonight for my hunni… howd it taste?? Probably delish good job bud xo ❤

  8. Ahşap evler|Kütük evler|Bungalow…

    […]Dinner blogging — bacon wrapped steak « Absolute Moral Authority[…]…

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