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Dude, where’s my fatwa?

Posted by mesablue on December 2, 2007

Not content just to blow up innocent people all over the world on a daily basis — now they want your blogs.

From a guy called “Radical Muslim”. Ya think?

Fatwaworthy in the Bloggersphere

Possible fatwaworthy sites in the Bloggersphere are many due to the array of sites that contain writings that slander Islam, therefore when I come accross particularly Islamophobic sites I bookmark them under ‘Fatwaworthy?’ Some will be well written while others will be an illogical mess, however, the common denominator between them is that they exist in part or full to spread Islamophobic opinions. Brothers and Sisters, please fell free to suggest additions to the list.

Some may ask ‘What is a Fatwa?’, while others may wonder what had made them worthy as with those deviants whom have recently linked to me in this respect. A fatwa is an Islamic religious ruling, a scholarly opinion on a matter of Islamic law. Therefore, when the Shari’ah again rules the world (inshAllah) the importance may be placed on a fatwa requiring acceptance that Islamophobic sites be peacefully shut down and no longer be permitted to exist. Untill this occurs it may be considered our duty to list such sites and even write/contact websites, media outlets and relevant officials in order to campaign for such sites be closed.

We must stop these sites that contain writings that slander Islam, to detail and criticise national and global conflict, poverty, injustice, oppression, the Far Right and the BNP, Zionism, the War on Terror, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the illegal occupation and oppression of Palestine, the slaughter in Sudan and the persecution of Muslims and the current war on Islam.

Therefore I call on all transgressors to stop publishing anti-Islamic pictures, articles and blasphemous publications against Allah (SWT) and His prophet, Muhammad (SAW).

He then goes on to list all of the sites that he feels deserve fatwas, it’s a long list:

Some of the worst perpetrators so far that I have called on to stop publishing anti-Islamic pictures, articles and blasphemous publications against Allah (SWT) and His prophet, Muhammad (SAW), and warned of their crime are as follows. DO NOT read these sites as their writings are obscene and defamatory:

* Ali Jihadi
* American Jihad
* Anti Cair
* Anti Dhimmi
* Atlas Shrugs
* Barnsley Nationalists
* Basharee Murtadd
* Battle for Britain
* BNP Aberdeen
* BNP and Me
* British National Party
* C.U.N.T
* Cox and Forkum
* Daniel Pipes
* Debbie Schlussel
* Dhimmitude News Network
* Eloivsdiablo
* English Rose
* English Rose
* Faith Freedom
* Foehammer’s Anvil
* Fulham Reactionary
* Gates of Vienna
* Gonzo’s Bar
* Hard to Swallow
* Home of the Green Arrow
* Hot Air
* I did it for the lulz
* Illustrated Pig
* Infidel Bloggers Aliance
* Infidels are Cool
* Ironic Surrealism
* Islamanazi
* Jawa Report
* Jihad Monitor
* Jihad Watch
* Jihai Du Jour
* Jon Quixote
* Justify This
* Klein Verzet
* Lassoo of Truth
* Lionheart
* Little Bulldogs
* Little Green Footballs
* Live from Infidelphia
* Marked Manner
* Maverick News Network
* Melenie Phillips
* Michelle Malkin
* Militant Islam Monitor
* Mosquewatch
* Mrs Smith’s Refusal
* Nick Racist
* No Dhimmitude
* No Dick’s Place
* NoiseyRoom
* NorthWestNationalists
* Not Ready for my Burqua
* Oh Canada
* On the Wing
* Patriot Alliance Downunder
* Plains Feeder
* Plancks Constant
* Stormfront
* The American Israeli Patriot
* The Anti Jihad Crusader
* The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
* The Brussels Journal
* The Flanstein
* The Freedom Fighter’s Journal
* The Hill Chronicles
* The Religion of Peace
* The Ultimate Insult
* Urban Infidel
* Vigilant Freedom
* Vince Aut Morire
* Western Resistance
* Winds of Jihad

Now, that’s what I call a great list! Some of my favorite blogs are on that list. I’ll make sure to check out the blogs I’m not familiar with, as should you. Well, except for Stormfront, they are a bunch of neo-nazi, white supremacist Ron Paul supporters.

The comment section on his post is a hoot. Over a hundred comments with most expressing disappointment about being left off the list, myself included. I linked the bacon wrapped steak in the post below as proof of my evilness.

This comment from Radical Muslim (Jamal) pretty much sums things up:

And as soon as you realise Muslims are in every walk of mainstream life, and Islam is not your enemy but already part of your past, present and future, the better for you.

Comment by Jamal

It’s the caliphate, bitches!

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6 Responses to “Dude, where’s my fatwa?”

  1. rightwingdog said

    This is CRAP!

    They cut heads off people (our people) and show movies on their T.V. and the Internet, they blow up our buildings and bomb places all over the world. They tell us death to all infidels. Now they want respect and for us remove the blogs?
    There are a few BLOGS I also visit daily on that list, I want them to stay. I am in agreement on Stormfront and there are many I am not familiar with. However, BLOGGING is free expression and I believe we are still allowed that. If we were under Muslim rule, we would not have that ability.


  2. mopenshaw said

    If I name my CZ 40P named ‘Mohammed’ (in honor of the teddy bear in Sudan) and pack its hollow-pointed self-defense rounds with bacon grease, maybe I can make the list as well. If I did that, Anyone interested in violently contesting this as an insult to their religon (of which my 1st amendment rights allow me to do) could then come by to meet my 2nd Amendment ‘Mohammed’, which will insure they’ll never meet theirs.

    Figure the bacon grease might increase the jam rate, so I guess I’ll pass. Reliable fire rate counts for more.

  3. nicedeb said

    Wow, what an awesome thread.

    Beth showed up with an excellent rant, and a goatse link…I’m going to have to go give her some shit about that.

  4. ChenZhen said

    Fatwa? Why not just call it a good ol’ fashioned BLOG WAR?

  5. geoff said

    I’m surprised AoSHQ isn’t on the list.

  6. I am one of the ‘lucky’ honorees. LMAO

    I had so much fun wih jamal’s little award. I dedicated an entire post to it. What a blast we all had! 😆

    Little ‘Ol Me A “Fatwa Worthy” Blogger?

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