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Scary — Hillary wants to love you long time

Posted by mesablue on December 3, 2007

All I can say is — Wtf?

Clinton Doesn’t Want a One-Night Stand

Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton, speaking in Bettendorf, Iowa, trying to convince a crowd to caucus for her, explained that she wants to be with them so that she can win Iowa in November 2008.

“I want a long term relationship,” she said. “I don’t want to just have a one night stand with all of you.”

I’m not thinking that this is going to help her take back the lead in Iowa.

Found via Hot Air Headlines

Update: Thanks to Forged Rite for this lovely photo…



16 Responses to “Scary — Hillary wants to love you long time”

  1. geoff said

    I couldn’t believe that she said that. Even without Bill’s past antics, that’s an incredibly poor metaphor.

  2. forged rite said

    And when you read that, keep this in mind.

  3. dame said

    she irreversibly damaged my libido for life in a single statement.

    now i know how bill feels.

  4. Steamboat McGoo said

    Keeping in mind the penchant for (D)s to say what they want the truth to be – rather than what it is – on can conclude that a one-night stand (two four-year stands, actually) is precisely what she really wants.

    This woman doesn’t want to be your friend. This woman doesn’t really even like people. She is just toughing out the process in order to get what she wants. And she’s fading…and they know it.

  5. geoff said

    Hillary ought to completely abandon her attempts to appear warm, friendly, and humorous. Instead she ought to go with her strengths: she’s smart, tough, devious, and ambitious. I wouldn’t mind seeing her as a Secretary of State or a UN ambassador. She makes John Bolton look like Captain Kangaroo.

  6. nicedeb said

    That picture has to have been retouched.

    The red around the eyes….the excessive wrinkles…come on.

    She’s not that hideous!

  7. geoff said

    She’s not that hideous!

    Standing next to you, she is.

    [practicing the patented DinTX sucking up techniques]

  8. mesablue said

    That picture has to have been retouched.

    Nope, that’s just what evil looks like close up.

    I’ve been within a few feet of Hillary in years past and that picture is right on. TV cameras and tons of makeup do wonders.

  9. bmac said

    My God that’s hideous!
    That picture should come with a warning.

  10. mopenshaw said

    A scary picture with a scary quote; you should put a graphic warning on that one.
    Sexual references from her on the campaign trail are so wrong on so many levels, Obama must really be getting to her.

    If she has to use the 843 super-delegates to seal the deal, it will lay out for the whole world how undemocratic the Democrat primary really is and certainly put a squash on all that inevitabilty nonsense.

  11. […] December 4, 2007 Posted by mopenshaw in Politics. trackback First, a horror show; a graphic warning for conservatives and other people of good taste goes with this link.  The ‘lady’ is getting a bit rattled, I would […]

  12. Wickedpinto said

    I would sooner ask my mother about her sex life, and the size of her dildoes than ever look at that picture again.

  13. mesablue said

    Holy crap! He’s back!

  14. cranky said

    Hillary put a lot of miles on that chassis on really bad road. Should have changed the oil occasionally and rotated the tires. Hose the mud off once in a while. Would she listen? Hell no.

    In that inimitable Wickedpinto style he’s back. [*Waves at WP*]

  15. TRM said

    Maybe I am a sick person, probably, but out of pure sadistic anger, uhhh, can I say grudge fu*@?

  16. dear God that’s scary

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