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Why would anyone watch these idiots?

Posted by mesablue on December 4, 2007

The airheads on The View, of course.

“They had Christians before Jesus Christ, they threw them to the lions.”


This makes their political proclamations even more ridiculous.

The only reason I even noticed this is because they had their “favorite Republican nutjob”, Ron Paul, on today.

Via Hot Air

5 Responses to “Why would anyone watch these idiots?”

  1. bmac said

    Probably the same demographic that watch Oprah, unemployed women in households that make less than 40k.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. jordan said

    God Still Loves these women…:)

  3. Hey now. My mother watches The View. She loves it. And she’s employed and they make more than 40k. Considerably more. And I watch Oprah — and I also make more than 40k and am employed. Newsflash: people say stupid things on television, real life. More at a 11.

  4. dianarn said

    Didn’t that blonde chick say one time that steel melts at 500 degrees? Obviously she never cooked in an oven before.

  5. Joy Behar gets pwnd by Ron Paul on Abortion

    While I am not endorsing Ron Paul — or anyone else — for president, I am very impressed with the way that he defends a simple, modest, pro-life position against the idealogue hosts on the View. The knee-jerk loyalty to and defense of Roe v. Wade is…

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