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Jenna Bush — Hi Dad!

Posted by mesablue on December 5, 2007

On the Ellen  show today.

Pretty cute.

Could you imagine this with the Clintons?

Nope, neither can I.

10 Responses to “Jenna Bush — Hi Dad!”

  1. nicedeb said

    That was adorable , and Ellen Degeneres was surprisingly gracious. But I don’t really know her, maybe she’s like that all the time.

    The positive response from the audience surprised me, too. Where were all the “chimp” haters?

  2. mesablue said

    Outside the bubble Deb.

  3. John said

    Classy of Ellen.

  4. PattyAnn said

    “Remember? The best day of your life?”
    Haha. Definitely Daddy’s girl.

  5. pajama momma said

    You know I haven’t watched Ellen much, but when I have watched her she’s really kept her politics to herself. I kind of dig her.

    And Ellen seemed tickled pink to have the President on the line and she called him President, not “Mr. Bush” as the MSM likes to do.

    Ever notice that? It’s President Clinton and Mr. Bush.

  6. Mark In Irvine said

    “Could you imagine this with the Clintons?”

    Sure: they love their daughter and encourage her to do good, and I’m sure she loves them. Why should they be any different than the Bush family when it comes to the parent-child relationship?

  7. Mark In Irvine said

    p.s. The Jenna on Ellen thing was very cute. It’s nice to see the First Family in this light.

  8. mesablue said

    Mark, I just couldn’t imagine Chelsea calling into the White House from a television show in the same manner. The Clintons portray a much different public family image.

    Actually, they don’t portray much of any public family image at all.

  9. mssinglemama said

    Can’t believe everyone thinks this was legit. The phone just happens to be sitting there, wired up on the speaker phone and her parents are in the same room? As an ex media member (spent 8 years in the business) I can tell you this is a total crock. Of course he loves his daughter and of course they’re a fabulously happy family – but this was staged. Great for Ellen and great for her ratings. Great for Jenna and her book sales. Staged.

  10. mesablue said


    Did you fact check before you made that comment? We know how good the media has been at that lately.

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