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Scenes from a New York deli

Posted by mesablue on December 5, 2007


You’d think a New York deli would be a little more clued into the whole Jews and Chanukah thing.

Via NancyKay Shapiro’s Livejournal

10 Responses to “Scenes from a New York deli”

  1. TRM said

    Yeah, you’d think huh? I say this with no racial spite, but its probably Korean owned…

  2. You’d think. Notice how the jooos have immediately organized demonstrations, burned cars, and demanded that the proprietor be beheaded?

    No, wait. That must have been a different religion…

  3. TRM said

    That gives me an idea… next time we do a bomb run we should drop cans of spam… a month later we tell them what they just ate… 🙂

  4. TRM, I saw a video on YouTube of a soldier over in Iraq dipping his ammo into a can of Spam (Blessings and peace be upon it).

    Hell, if I was over in Iraq I’d just get me a Home Depot pump garden sprayer and fill it with bacon grease.

    We could get fertilizer planes filled with bacon grease to fly over Iran and we could take the entire country without firing a shot.

    That’ll teach ’em!

  5. TRM said

    Well I know I talk a lot of smack and I would love nothing more than to make these radicals suffer for days before dying, but having lived in 4 seperate muslim countries, they aren’t all that way, unless they are all really good at doing it behind your back, which seems to be a very common thing,,,, ah damnit, I just confused myself… O’Reilly’s on…

  6. mesablue said

    TRM, I know what you mean, I’ve spent my fair share of time in the middle east. Many wonderful people. Too many that look the other way when the few evil one’s act out, though. Hopefully, that will change over time.

    Kind of hard to get past fifteen hundred years of fear, I guess.

  7. Enas Yorl said

    So, is this brand of ham not kosher?

  8. TRM said

    FYI Enas….

  9. mopenshaw said

    Tis the season to offend, as far as some are concerned.

  10. mopenshaw said

    And, for proof that Christians are up to the task themselves, a link to some ‘unique’ Christmas gifts.

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