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Eat your veggies and you’ll get smarter..

Posted by mesablue on December 11, 2007


Or at least your food will…

Fractal broccoli — it’s real.

Question. What do you get when you take a bunch of hippies that have nothing else to do (heh) and give them a bunch of vegetables and power tools and tell them to put together an orchestra?

Answer. Pretty much the same thing you’d get from a bunch of smelly hippies sitting around banging out of rhythm on empty buckets like they normally do. Except WAY more obnoxious.

Coming to a Ron Paul event near you.

4 Responses to “Eat your veggies and you’ll get smarter..”

  1. You’d hope they could do more than percussion! Geez. I had high hopes when the carrot flute kicked in – but noooo, they had to go back to beatin’ their things.

  2. bmac said

    I used to play in rock bands, and one time my band played a gig with a another band that had a digeredoo player. A fricken didgeredoo. They sound cool for like 2 minutes, then they’re just really annoying, and this guy played that one stupid note for the whole set.
    Guy was a pretentious ass, and when we were mocking him in the dressing room, just came unglued, like playing one note on a stick made him some kind of musical genius.
    Packed up his stick in some really expensive looking case and bolted. I’m sure these guys are just like that. But with carrots.

  3. thanks for linking to my veggie post mesablue!!

    @Bmac, that is the most filthy instrument i have ever heard of. In fact, this is the FIRST time i have heard of it… i had to wikipedia it only to find out it’s made of a hollowed out kangeroo’s tail!! wtf!

  4. forged rite said

    That broccoli looks like a horny toad.

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