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Woo hoo!!!

Posted by mesablue on December 14, 2007

Remember how San Francisco didn’t want the Blue Angels at Fleet Week this year?

The Blue Angels took it in their usual stride.



(photo Bernard Zee)

And lest you think this is fake or photoshopped:

High rez version of the photo above and many more from Fleet Week — from Bernard Zee.A must see.


25 Responses to “Woo hoo!!!”

  1. I truly hope the pilots did this without the permission of SF officials.

  2. 5Cats said

    Yup, those guys are pretty good. Almost as good as our Canadian Snowbirds!

  3. thebronze said


    Are you fucking serious?

    The Snowturds suck compared to the Blues.

  4. Mike O said

    A quick, low, supersonic pass over Pelosi’s house (and the weird Code Pink protesters there) would have been appropriate, considering her reluctance to fund the military (and was only forced to today).

  5. cranky said

    I’ve seen them all, the Snowbirds, the Blue Angels, the Thunderbirds, the Golden Knights, the Italian team (the week before the crash at Ramstein) and they are all great.

    Shattering some windows at Nancy’s house via a sonic boom would have been sweet. No money — no can fix.

  6. TRM said


  7. that’s wicked.

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  10. bmac said

    I’ve never seen the Blue Angels, but I’ve seen the Thunderbirds many times, and nothing makes you well up with pride as when you see how completely Bad Ass these guys are.

  11. wickle said

    I was raised in an Air Force family, and used to love going to the base open houses. Now, my nearest base has been closed and we haven’t had an air show there since 1990 — until this past summer. We didn’t get the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds, but we did have some great demos.

    There I was with my sons, just as my father — a pilot and Vietnam vet, by the way — had been with my brothers and me.

    My point: Who, in his right mind, would want to deprive kids (or adults) from the awesome experience of watching some of the best and most talented people fly some of the best equipment in the world doing the most exciting performance ANYWHERE?

    Wait … it’s San Francisco. The “right mind” thing doesn’t apply. Never mind.

  12. Mark said

    SOME people in this area mnay want the Blue Angels banned. THEY can take a sweet suck on an F/A-18 Hornet’s afterburners.

    There’s plenty of us in this area that show up in force every year to support them.

  13. wickle said

    Sorry, Mark, no offense intended. I realize that not EVERYone in SF is insane.

  14. Mark said

    Wickle – None taken.

    “Who, in his right mind, would want to deprive kids (or adults) from the awesome experience of watching some of the best and most talented people fly some of the best equipment in the world doing the most exciting performance ANYWHERE?”

    I agree completely with you. I am fortunate to have been able to watch them perform not only on the weekend of FW but also on their practice run on the Friday before many, many times.

    I am thoroughly awestruck watching them pass overhead, wingtip to wingtip. I was reading that when all six fly in tight formation they are 18 INCHES apart.

    How could anyone not be impressed by skill and balls like that?

  15. shivas irons said

    So cool it gave me the chills.


  16. jadedinga said



  17. Mike (AZ) said

    I’ve been Air Force by choice since the day I discovered that real people could get in them airplane-things and fly like birds. Then one day I got to see the Thunderbirds in action at Luke Days here at Luke AFB, and I’ve been hooked on that rush ever since. Luke Days alternates between the T-Birds and the Blue Angels from year to year, and each gives me what I need. This last year was the Blue Angels turn, and since I now live in the west valley, they practised for three days right over my house. My family and neighbors dragged our lawn chairs and beer coolers right out into the middle of the street to watch what is truly the “greatest show on earth.”

    Here in Arizona, we are on the cutting edge for dealing with the refugees who have finally had their fill of the political crap being force-fed to them by the entire California political system. It saddens me that they don’t have the stones to rebel and take that great state back from the liberals ans socialists. I pray each day for the revolution, but fear that it will not come in my lifetime.

    As to the video… is it real? D-MN! I sure hope so! It does my heart good to think that there might be some combat veteran out there who has also had his fill of the Pelosi b.s. and decided to put his carreer on the line just to make a statement. God bless him!

  18. mesablue said

    Check out the same thing from a different angle — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRGacDGUGtE&feature=related

    Just cool.

  19. lauraw said

    Holy crap.

  20. Pam said

    I took a similar pic of that baby going by – what an incredible show. They were all just awesome.

  21. genghis said


    We have something similar here in Seattle during Seafair. The Angels do two shows on the weekend over Lake Washington during intermission of the hydro races, plus two more practice days before that. They fly so low over my house that the whole place shakes. I don’t see the cats for days afterwards.

    A few years back the Seafair committee hired a new director, not a local, who immediately deemed the Angel’s shows “unsafe” (fly too low, might crash into a neighborhood, etc, etc…complete bullshit)
    So they substituted the Canadian Snowbirds that year and (no offense
    5cats)they just weren’t even in the same class. The uproar hear was deafening and after one more year of the Snowbirds we got the Angels back.

    During Seafair week we also get a few Navy ships in port which you can tour. We used to get a carrier and some surface combatants (usually a cruiser and a destroyer), sometimes a sub. Now with the GWOT and ships needed elsewhere, we’re lucky to get an assault ship. Last year I think we got an oiler. Assault ships are cool and all, but a carrier they ain’t. So thanks a lot Osama, that’s just one more thing you’ve fucked up for the rest of us.

  22. KelliD said

    I had the honor and privilege of taking a media flight with the Blue Angles a few years ago. 20 minutes of zooming in and out of clouds, hovering at the sound barrier, and all the maneuvers the Angels do in their show. THE MOST AWSOME THING EVER!!!

  23. Mark said


    Some of us are still old hippies. We just appreciate our freedoms and those who safeguard them because we have, like, brains…

    Peace, man.

  24. PJ said

    My dad and I are HUGE Blue Angels fans. When he lived in Florida, he told me he was walking on the beach one day and some of the pilots decided to play with him by getting pretty close and buzzing him. He was thrilled!

  25. Wally said

    Yippe the canadian snow plovers are gonna be here for fleet week 2008. I can hardly contain thee excitement…….tHank god they werent at the reno air races this year.

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