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Love those holiday sweaters…

Posted by mesablue on December 17, 2007

Design your own and you too could have a lovely sweater like the one I just made…


From We Hate Sheep.


9 Responses to “Love those holiday sweaters…”

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  2. Rosetta said


    How did you save a picture of your sweater?? I have a good one but I couldn’t figure out how to save it.

  3. wiserbud said

    I’m begging you, turn off the Snap Preview shit.

    I’m begging you.

  4. Rosetta said

    Snap Preview? What’s that?!?! DAMMIT!!!

  5. eddiebear said

    Not loud enough

  6. mesablue said

    Rosetta, just hit print screen then copy it into paint. Then cut out the sweater, copy it into a new file and save it as a jpg.

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  8. I like the fancy forearm bulbs, popeyeish.

  9. Mark said

    NICE! That beats any holiday sweater I’ve seen on the sixty-plus wardrobe-challenged set.

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