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Totally Awesome Awesomeness

Posted by mesablue on December 24, 2007

I like bacon. A lot.

Who doesn’t?

A lot of other people must love bacon too, based on the amount of hits I get every day on the Deep Fried Bacon Cheese and Beer Dog  post. I live blogged my Bacon Wrapped Steak experience and have previously found such wonders as the Bacon Martini and the Bacon Scented Tuxedo.

But, I think I have met my match when it comes to bacony bliss.

Everyone’s tried a bacon cheeseburger, but this guy/genius made a Bacon Cheese Baconburger. The burger is made out of — bacon.  And, then topped with bacon! Wonderful. Lot’s of yummy pictures.

He also made Bacon Cereal and the Ultimate Bacon Sandwich.

Dude’s got skillz.

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The Twelve Days of Mike Huckabee

Posted by mesablue on December 24, 2007

 Thanks to Beth from MVRWC.

WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance

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Best Christmas tree ever

Posted by mesablue on December 24, 2007

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