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The first Grodner award of 2008 goes to… No one

Posted by mesablue on January 4, 2008

DJDrummond of Wizbang!

***Please see updates below***

I used to like Wizbang!

A lot.

It was one of the first blogs I hung out at and I was one of the first members of the Wizbang! Bomb Squad — a blogging forum created by Kevin Aylward for frequent commenters on his site.

The place became overrun by trolls over the years and trying to follow a comment thread became nearly impossible so I moved on to greener pastures — mainly Ace of Spades HQ where I’ve been a very happy little moron. That was a couple of years ago.

A friend stopped by Wizbang! today and decided to comment on a post that DJDrummond had written. DJDrummond didn’t like what he said and started deleting and editing his comments. It wasn’t as if our friend was trolling, he just happened to not completely agree with statements made by the post’s author.

Doubleplusundead, our “friend”, who we also know at AoS as Sinistar has the details — here.

A couple of us from The Hostages decided to go over and see what was going on. Nice Deb left a “nice” comment asking why the treatment was so harsh for discussing the merits of one conservative presidential candidate over another.

I tried to reply to her comment, agreeing with what she said…oops, too late. Her comment was gone and that was just the beginning.


What the hell?

Instant editing of our comments.

I don’t know what DJDrummond’s problem is on a daily basis, but we were just trying to comment as conservatives on a conservative blog. I hadn’t had a chance to agree or disagree with the post’s author before he started taking my comments apart. That’s chickenshit. And, something that I would not have expected from Wizbang!.

DJDrummond closed down comments to the thread after editing my last comment.

So, they just happened to have a post right next door, The Knucklehead of the Day award.

Perfect. We had our knucklehead and decided to nominate him. Oops….not allowed at that great bastion of free speech thin skinned losers.


Yes, we did move into a new thread so I can understand his point. But, he edited my post as well. And, the previous thread had been shut down after it’s author basically shit all over the commenters.


It’s a shame if that’s what things have come to at Wizbang!

It used to be one of the best blogs going. Jay Tea still writes up a storm and I have the utmost respect for Lorie Byrd and Kevin Aylward, but this is childish crap usually reserved for extremist echo chambers.

I’m pulling Wizbang! from my blogroll and won’t ever go back there. I’m sure they won’t miss me, but I’m hearing more and more from dissatisfied visitors to their blog. It’s kind of sad to see a quality blog lower itself to this level.

Cuffy at Perfunction weighs in.

Update: A big thank you to Jay Tea for his comment — I appreciate it.

Update to the Update: Wow. Thanks Lorie and I feel a bit remiss for not mentioning Kim. When she joined the Wizbang! community, it was a little piece of home. Common ground geographically and her direct and straight forward take on things. One of the reasons I decided to blog.

Good things come from the strangest places.

At this point, I’m glad this happened.

It’s all good as far as I am concerned and I’m very happy to hear from past friends.

Take care, everyone. The title of this post is now changed.

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Jay R. Grodner achieves Internet immortality

Posted by mesablue on January 4, 2008

His name is now an Internet verb.

As in, to grodner oneself.

Grodner [’ghræd n3r] (v):
1) To aggressively self-destruct through felony vandalism crossed with a sense of invulnerability and entitlement.
2) To be-prick oneself in public while flashing the victim card.

Thanks to Neptunus Lex.

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An open letter to Fred Thompson

Posted by mesablue on January 4, 2008

From an Iowan who attended the caucus for Fred Thompson tonight, a comment at AoS:

Open Letter to Fred,

I watched your video to Iowans, caucused for you, and brought friends. Yes, you got beat, but there’s a lesson to take away from this, if you’re seeking one.

Huckabee won due to emotional appeal. The people who latched onto him are seeking any sign of strong character. These people are our emotional voters, and are as quick to leave a cause as they are to join one. But they do represent a demographic of importance in the national election, especially when you realize that most of the “other party” is comprised of these types.

Romney came in second due to a strong organization. His people were able to convince the rational, non-emotional voters that he’s a well-polished executive who can lead a country. As the saying goes, “winner’s win and loser’s lose” and Mitt has done a good job convincing many he’s in that former category.

You did marginally well, but can clearly do better. As I heard across Pottawattamie, Mills and Fremont counties, your organization was a mess. Your people do not return calls, your organization can’t get signs out, and overall, you did not convince us executives, business owners and other rational voters that your organization has the capacity to win. You’ve heard the comments questioning your “fire in the belly”? What we’ve observed is the logistical equivalent: you may be the best candidate, but your organization can’t execute and make your success possible. At this level, my friend, intent doesn’t matter. It’s all about execution.

This isn’t time to make excuses, blaming scarce funds, etc. We’re talking basic execution failures at a low level. Ignoring phone calls, emails for information, etc. Long-time party loyalists couldn’t get your people to function, at which people distance themselves from your efforts. If I had outsourced these functions and obtained these results, I’d fire the contractor.

If you’re going to pull it off, you need to lead your campaign organization as you would the nation (from what I’ve heard, you’ve left the operational leadership up to others – which was a clear mistake). Either step up and drive these people to excellence, or set it aside and let someone else win. You’re one of the few people who has the opportunity open to them, but you’ll have to decide whether you really want it.

Your Iowa experience was commensurate with the effort your team put into it. As you’ve hopefully realized, success here is a function of both your vision and the organizational capacity of your team. May this experience guide you in your upcoming challenges.

Best wishes for lessons learned,

Fremont County Iowa

Thanks Redherkey.

Unfortunately, Redherkey’s experience in Iowa perfectly mirrors what we are experiencing in Michigan. We’ve gotten no “official” word, but at this point it looks like we are being written off.

It would have been nice to know.

Hopefully, things are not the same on the ground in South Carolina. But, I doubt it.

Thousands of people are willing to help your campaign, Mr. Thompson, if you’ll just let them. Yes, the money comes first, but without any state or grass roots organization — you are going to go nowhere fast.

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