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The first Grodner award of 2008 goes to… No one

Posted by mesablue on January 4, 2008

DJDrummond of Wizbang!

***Please see updates below***

I used to like Wizbang!

A lot.

It was one of the first blogs I hung out at and I was one of the first members of the Wizbang! Bomb Squad — a blogging forum created by Kevin Aylward for frequent commenters on his site.

The place became overrun by trolls over the years and trying to follow a comment thread became nearly impossible so I moved on to greener pastures — mainly Ace of Spades HQ where I’ve been a very happy little moron. That was a couple of years ago.

A friend stopped by Wizbang! today and decided to comment on a post that DJDrummond had written. DJDrummond didn’t like what he said and started deleting and editing his comments. It wasn’t as if our friend was trolling, he just happened to not completely agree with statements made by the post’s author.

Doubleplusundead, our “friend”, who we also know at AoS as Sinistar has the details — here.

A couple of us from The Hostages decided to go over and see what was going on. Nice Deb left a “nice” comment asking why the treatment was so harsh for discussing the merits of one conservative presidential candidate over another.

I tried to reply to her comment, agreeing with what she said…oops, too late. Her comment was gone and that was just the beginning.


What the hell?

Instant editing of our comments.

I don’t know what DJDrummond’s problem is on a daily basis, but we were just trying to comment as conservatives on a conservative blog. I hadn’t had a chance to agree or disagree with the post’s author before he started taking my comments apart. That’s chickenshit. And, something that I would not have expected from Wizbang!.

DJDrummond closed down comments to the thread after editing my last comment.

So, they just happened to have a post right next door, The Knucklehead of the Day award.

Perfect. We had our knucklehead and decided to nominate him. Oops….not allowed at that great bastion of free speech thin skinned losers.


Yes, we did move into a new thread so I can understand his point. But, he edited my post as well. And, the previous thread had been shut down after it’s author basically shit all over the commenters.


It’s a shame if that’s what things have come to at Wizbang!

It used to be one of the best blogs going. Jay Tea still writes up a storm and I have the utmost respect for Lorie Byrd and Kevin Aylward, but this is childish crap usually reserved for extremist echo chambers.

I’m pulling Wizbang! from my blogroll and won’t ever go back there. I’m sure they won’t miss me, but I’m hearing more and more from dissatisfied visitors to their blog. It’s kind of sad to see a quality blog lower itself to this level.

Cuffy at Perfunction weighs in.

Update: A big thank you to Jay Tea for his comment — I appreciate it.

Update to the Update: Wow. Thanks Lorie and I feel a bit remiss for not mentioning Kim. When she joined the Wizbang! community, it was a little piece of home. Common ground geographically and her direct and straight forward take on things. One of the reasons I decided to blog.

Good things come from the strangest places.

At this point, I’m glad this happened.

It’s all good as far as I am concerned and I’m very happy to hear from past friends.

Take care, everyone. The title of this post is now changed.


28 Responses to “The first Grodner award of 2008 goes to… No one”

  1. nicedeb said

    Hear hear!

    I’ve never been banned or devoweled in my life!

    What a bunch of crap!

  2. sinistar said

    Wizbang! is now off my blogroll as well, I hate to see it go like this, but I’m ready to let anyone who will listen know that Wizbang! isn’t linking, visiting or blogrolling if Drummond doesn’t get a proper dressing down.

  3. Jay Tea said

    Mesa, you are an out-and-out liar, and I can NOT let you get away with spreading your lies.

    You said: “I’m sure they won’t miss me.” I already do. So knock it off.

    Mesa, you’re still (and always) welcome on any of MY postings.

    And while I don’t have any time to look into this today, I’ll give it a look-see tomorrow and try to figure out just what the heck happened, and see if I can make things right.

    If you’d like to kick this around privately, drop me an e-mail at jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com. I might not be able to answer it too quickly while I’m at work, though.

    I hate to see a valued “senior commenter” go, especially like this.


    Jay Tea
    Main Page Editor

  4. DJ Drummond is a prissy little prick. I remember him from Polipundit before it, too, ran off its readers.

  5. geoff said

    Used to read Wizbang frequently a couple of years ago, but then they got into some flap or other and I became disenchanted with their crew. Plenty of other blogs.

  6. I can’t improve on “prissy little prick”. A childish co-blogger with thin skin and a short fuse isn’t much of an asset.

  7. lauraw said

    I was really surprised how quickly DJ went to insults over the slitghtest disagreement.

    He shouldn’t be surprised if readers react badly to provocative and condescending treatment.

    If I treated Ace’s customers like that he’d have every right to boot me.

  8. lauraw said

    ….and no wonder you guys like Jay Tea. His post above is the very illustration of maturity and graciousness.

  9. geoff said

    If I treated Ace’s customers like that he’d have every right to boot me.

    But we like it when you treat us that way.

  10. sinistar said

    And see, that’s my biggest issue with Drummond, he gave us more shit than most dextrosphere blogs give their lefty trolls. And I emailed Jay Tea at the right addy this time. I couldn’t find it, and I guessed wrong yesterday. No matter, I can wait to deal with this.

  11. sinistar said

    Kevin just emailed me to let me know he’ll be looking into our situation.

  12. Michael said

    Yeah, I used to be a regular at Wizbang! also. Years ago.

  13. Lorie Byrd said

    Thanks for the kind words, Mesa. I don’t blog as often as I would like now due to a new job, and Kim has a new little one so she doesn’t have the blogging time she used to either, but Jay Tea still consistently finds something interesting to say and somehow finds the time to say it. I don’t know how he does it.

    I am not liberal on much, but am pretty darn liberal when it comes to allowing comments to stand. My opinion on comments has always been that the stupider the comment, the more the commenters discredit themselves. I let just about everything stand.

    I am trying to make it a point to blog more often in 2008 and hope you will be checking in and commenting.

  14. If I treated Ace’s customers like that he’d have every right to boot me.

    No shit girl. He’s pretty patient, but he’d kick my ass outta the pool in a second if I pulled that shit. He’d be embarrassed.

    Heh. He told me not to mention the pool.

  15. mesablue said

    Hey Dave,

    You me, the pool. Don’t let me down.

  16. Jay Tea said


    You’ve got mail.

    I hope it’ll be the final word on this whole mess.


  17. Jay Tea said

    Lorie, I told you before my secret:

    I have no life.

    You, Kim, Kevin, and the rest all have families, friends, kids, careers. I got blogging.


  18. mesablue said


    More than good enough. Apologies all around.

    Many thanks.

  19. I updated my screed as well. I can appreciate your blog relationship with Wizbang, mesa, but was DJDrummond himself involved in this hatchet burying? Any details? Sin deserves a public apology directly from DJDrummond.

  20. Veeshir said

    Just ignore DJ’s posts, I still go there for most of the bloggers, but I’ve ignored DJ since the summer and I let my opinion be known to JT when I met him over the summer.
    The last straw for me was when DJ had a post or comment about “Why can’t we all be nice to each other” and I mentioned, with links to his posts and comments, “Physician, heal thyself” and he responded by… wait for it… insults and strawmen all while ignoring what I had written.
    It was very funny and, I think, the last time I commented on one of his posts. There might have been one or two after that, but I won’t respond to his comments as he acts that way all time.

  21. sinistar said

    Yeah, sorry, I’m gonna have to go with Cuffy on this, this isn’t over for me, its one thing for Jay Tea and Lorie and others to apologize, they have nothing to apologize over. I can understand dropping it from your perspective, its not your fight, but I’m not ready to let this die just yet.

    As for my comments, I don’t think I said anything dumb…however, Drummond had plenty of idiocy to spout.

  22. sinistar said

    Besides, Jay Tea and Lorie are talking about this to you, not me, and I’m the one that Drummond gave this bullshit to.

  23. sinistar said

    Mesa, I’m sending you an email, check yer inbox.

  24. nicedeb said

    Apologies all around.

    What do we have to apologize for?

  25. Jay Tea said

    Sinistar, I am speaking as Main Page Editor of Wizbang. If you have a problem with DJ, that’s between you two. If you want to extend that to the entire site, then you have a problem with all of us.

    Everything I’ve done in this, I’ve done as the closest thing to an “official” spokesman for the site as a whole. Kevin owns it, of course, so he can trump me at his will, but he generally trusts me to do things as I see fit.

    I can not compel apologies or reconciliations. I will not make judgments about who owes who what.

    What I can do is minimize the involvement of the site as a whole, and try to keep the ill will strictly between the actors and keep down the collateral damage and try to discourage others from jumping into the fray.

    I’m going to bend my “no judging” rule slightly here, though, and say that no one has clean hands here, no one is 100% a victim. Both sides can make cases that they were wronged — but no one can claim to be “the wronged side.”

    I didn’t want to get involved, but I couldn’t avoid it. I stuck my nose in, and was disgusted by the stench.

    Mesa, I’m going to amend the conditions of my private e-mail. As long as Sin agrees to the same conditions I asked of you, please send him a copy. I think it might help in this case.

    And if it doesn’t… I tried. At least I tried.


  26. sinistar said

    Why not send me a copy yourself, I’ve sent you several emails…you have my addy.

  27. sinistar said

    As for the rest, fair enough, I assumed as page editor, you had some authority over Drummond.

  28. sinistar said

    And yet, I also find it curious that you’ve gone out of your way not to address this with me at my own crapblog. Is there a reason this has to be done at here at AMA, and not doubleplusundead?

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