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Disgusting — Brits treat their returning soldiers horribly

Posted by mesablue on January 5, 2008

Afghan heroes home for Christmas forced to change out of uniforms on freezing runway before using airport terminal

Scores of soldiers flying home from Afghanistan on Christmas leave were ordered to change out of their uniforms on a freezing runway before being allowed into a civilian airport terminal.

Troops were told not to be seen in public in their uniforms – which they had worn with pride while risking their lives during months of intense fighting against the Taliban.

If this were an isolated incident, it would be easy to write this off as a mistake or misunderstanding. But, it’s already happened a couple of times in Seattle and once in California, that I remember — while escorting the body of a fallen comrade.

Just mind numbingly callous. But, don’t forget — they support our troops.


Thanks to Michelle Malkin

6 Responses to “Disgusting — Brits treat their returning soldiers horribly”

  1. Beth said

    That is f’ing sickening. GRRRRRR.

  2. sinistar said

    Sickening is about right.

  3. burnitup said

    This is how our strongest / most traditional ally treats their servicemen coming back not from Iraq but Afghanistan fighting AQ and the Taliban?

    F these jokers… We need to dissolve NATO

  4. Rosetta said

    That’s unfuckingbelievable. Whoever is responsible for that outrage needs a beating.

  5. There are an awful lot of people who take OPSEC way too far.

  6. TRM said

    I wonder if Blair would have let crap like that happen?
    Also, I would be willing to start the conspiracy that some mullah whispered in PM Brown’s ear that if his “sect” saw the uniforms, it may upset them and make the body bombs start appearing on trains…
    Just being a kook for a minute…. 🙂

    And SGT,,, that wasn’t OPSEC, it was some politically correct BS…

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