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Republican presidential candidates gear up for Michigan primary

Posted by mesablue on January 5, 2008

No mention of Fred Thompson.

The Detroit News:

Romney officials said the first voting of the campaign — and the disappointing loss in Iowa — had generated a new sense of urgency among volunteers. And they’re banking on what is by far the most extensive network of political supporters and staff in the state to make a difference between now and Election Day.

“The difference between our organization and others is, we have an organization,” Romney staffer Katie Packer said.

Romney, an Oakland County native and son of late Gov. George Romney, has endorsements from four of the state’s Republican members of Congress and dozens of lower-level officials.

With the crucial New Hampshire contest looming, Romney supporters argued that the former Massachusetts governor is the only candidate competing across all the early states. And Michigan supporters renewed their promotion of Romney as best equipped to address the state’s economic malaise.

“When you look at where our country is economically and the economic challenge Michigan faces, it’s critical that taxes be reduced so we can get the economy humming again,” said Rep. Dave Camp, R-Midland, in a conference call with Michigan reporters Friday. Camp contrasted what he called Romney’s tax-cutting record with that of McCain, who opposed President Bush’s 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. McCain now says he wants those cuts to be permanent.

Romney aides said their campaign would spend the weekend recruiting volunteers and targeting likely supporters with phone calls.

McCain, the winner of the 2000 primary in Michigan, is hoping Romney’s loss in Iowa can give him the momentum to defeat Romney in New Hampshire, where Romney led throughout the summer and fall. The winner in New Hampshire, in turn, likely will carry enormous momentum into Michigan.

“We’re planning the next 11 days of events, getting out the yard signs and making the phone calls, a regular old grassroots campaign,” said Jerry Zandstra, a former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former backer of Sam Brownback who has endorsed McCain.

The Arizona senator began airing his first television ads in Michigan on Friday.

Democratic candidates have promised not to campaign in Michigan’s Jan. 15 presidential primary because the state jumped ahead of others, in violation of national party rules. The Republicans are starting to plan their Michigan ground games.

John McCain: Plans to hold rallies at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids and Oakland International Airport in Waterford on Wednesday. He’s scheduled back in Michigan, at events in Warren and Clawson, Jan. 12; Howell, Lansing and Battle Creek Jan. 13; Kalamazoo, Holland, Spring Lake and Grand Rapids, Jan. 14; and Traverse City and Ann Arbor Jan. 15.

Mitt Romney: Plans to be the guest speaker at the Oakland County Republican Party’s 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner in West Bloomfield Jan. 14.


I’m getting bombarded by the Romney and McCain campaigns.

I get an email every couple of days from the Thompson campaign asking for money. No information.

It’s starting to look like I may have backed the wrong horse.

And, Michigan Democrats, how does it feel to be left out of the democratic process by your party?


9 Responses to “Republican presidential candidates gear up for Michigan primary”

  1. yeah, I’m getting hammered from Fred’s campaign also. I am starting to see a lot more of him on t.v.. I think I saw him and his wife in three separate interviews yesterday. Definitely a record. Something needs to light a fire under his ass. It’s a catch 22, the very fact he’s not willing to play the games is why I like him. Though his unwillingness to play the game is campaign prohibitive.

  2. jayne said

    I think Romney and McCain will do better in Michigan than Fred would, but I also think that Fred would be the best President. Being laid back at campaigning is one thing, but being laid back at getting his message out is another. That is where I think he needs a better organization. So many people I talk to don’t know enough about what he stands for (until I tell them), and I think too many people think that if he was good they would have heard about him and his message.
    Mesa, I am soon moving to the UP, and my kids and I were looking on Craigs list at the politics section for the UP. There was a really interesting and funny video on how to make a candidate disappear. I don’t know how to send it to you, but you could go to the politic section of Craigs list UP and find it. I think you would like it.

  3. mesablue said

    Wow, the UP, huh? That’s a big change.

    I actually ran a State Senate campaign in the Western UP many eons ago. The district was from Marquette all the way to Ironwood. I lived in Houghton while I was up there.

    Politics is definitely a very different animal up there. Very local and very interesting, with just about everyone having an interest.

  4. And, Michigan Democrats, how does it feel to be left out of the democratic process by your party?

    I’m an independent rather than a Democrat, but to answer your question, the Democrats’ actions may result in my voting Republican for the next twenty(!) years. See my Open Letter on Disenfranchisement in the Michigan Primary.

  5. jayne said

    Marquette is where we are moving to. It is so beautiful up there. I do hope you can find the video I wrote you about. The sad part is that it is funny but not a joke.

  6. mesablue said

    I hope you like snow — a lot.

    The year that I was up there it snowed so much on Halloween that the kids couldn’t go out trick-or-treating.

    When it’s not snowing, it’s definitely God’s country. Gorgeous.

  7. mesablue said

    I took a look for that video. A ton of posts on the UP politics board today, I wasn’t able to find it.

  8. jayne said

    Awhile ago when I first started thinking about moving (after Jennifer got re-elected), you said to look around other parts of Michigan. It made me realize that I do think Michigan is one of the prettiest states and I don’t know if I would enjoy a state without all of the seasons. The snow up there is great. We all like winter sports a lot-I do think that swimming in Lake Superior will take some getting used to,though.
    I know how to send links to e-mails, so if you have a g-mail account I could send you the video. Otherwise you just go to the upper Mich. craigs list page, look under politics, and its right there.

  9. jayne said

    Never mind. I found your g-mail account and I think I sent it to you. Let me know if it did not go through.

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