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This IS a tasty burger

Posted by mesablue on January 30, 2008

The Food Network recently visited a place where I ate a lot of greasy (but good) burgers during my college days. Making sure that you order correctly is part of the of the experience. Not as crazy as the hot dog joint a few posts down, but a great place none the less.

Crazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger.

10 Responses to “This IS a tasty burger”

  1. Enas Yorl said

    Wow those look like some awesome burgers! If I’m ever in the area I’ll have to remember to stop by.

  2. nicedeb said

    Do you have hamburger on the brain, or what?

  3. mesablue said

    Heh, the folks at IB were talking about burgers and I thought of this place. I made a trip there just the other day after seeing the Food Network show — the canned burger is just a bonus.

  4. RxDx said

    It continues to be one of the best burgers you can get. I wonder how it would hold up to the $30 gourmet burgers in New York? May have to slip into town and get a few. A nice traditional Sunday dinner.

  5. Suburban Scarecrow said

    I lived a couple blocks away from Blimpy’s for 4 years and only ate there once or twice. I don’t remember being impressed. What’s wrong with me?

  6. Cathy said

    I saw that Food Network show about the Blimpy burgers and my mouth watered.

    In San Antonio we had a place called the Longhorn Cafe with burgers so juicy that the grease would run down your elbows. It took two hands to hold them. My favorite was the jalapeño cheddar burger with fries and an ice cold Lone Star.

    Mesa — Thanks so much for bringing WP and putting up with the sleeping arrangement in the loft. You are a very good-lookin’ babe and exceptionally sweet too. Come back anytime.

  7. What? We dont’ get to see if she eats 21 burgers? Oh that’s just wrong.

    I’d like the mushroom and swiss burger and bacon.

  8. kevlarchick said

    Mesa is FINE and a darling. I can testify. And he likes burgers.

    Thanks for linking my blog, bro.

  9. Rosetta said

    Listen…I know you’re out having fun and/or trying to find yourself but if you don’t post something new, the bastard-blog Hostages II is going to annex this site and take away your cheeseburger.

  10. BurgerBoy said

    I go here at least once a month….best burger on the planet…even the nearby SideTrack doesn’t hold a candle to it.

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