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Ah, crap

Posted by mesablue on February 18, 2008

Look for gas prices to go up again…


Explosion Rocks Oil Refinery In Big Spring

There has been an explosion at an oil refinery in Big Spring, located about 250 miles west of Fort Worth, near Midland.

The refinery is owned by Dallas-based Alon USA. It employs about 170 people and produces about 70,000 barrels of oil a day.

Blake Lewis, a spokesman for the company, said that all of the refinery’s employees had been accounted for about one hour after the explosion. At least one worker was injured and taken to the hospital, Lewis said. The condition of the worker is not known.

The company does not know what caused the explosion, but fire sparked by the blast was quickly put under control.

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A PSA from AMA

Posted by mesablue on February 16, 2008

In light of Wickedpinto’s post below, I thought it would be important to make this public service announcement…


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Posted by Wickedpinto on February 16, 2008

Jane Fonda said “the C-word” on live national television the other day wile giving an interview to meredith vierra, while sitting next to eve ensler (spelling? I know it really isn’t necessary, but even though her name starts with an “e” we all pronounce it with a “C” if you know what I mean, what I mean)

Anyways, Jane says “cunt” and when she says it, she looks directly at the camera, and pauses before saying it, which clearly demonstrates that it was not an “inadvertent” or whatever the spelling is, error on her part. Jane was being provocative.

First, I would like to say, that I rarely ever use the word cunt, I think it is a low and vile word, I think that the word itself is offensive to all women, even if it is used in a less offensive way, for instance, I used to bang this one hot broad who would always refer to her “flower” as a “meaty cunt,” thats a true story, and even though it was pretty hot while I was hitting that shit, it was more than a little off-putting, because I found the word more than a little bit offensive in general usage. (btw, erica call me next time you are in town.)

Having said that, let me THANK Jane Fonda for her “apology” about having used the word “cunt,” because Jane, the GREAT Lady Jane said, quite clearly that the word “cunt” is just a word, and there is no reason to be frightened of it. Once again Jane, because for Years, and Years, I have restricted my use of the word “cunt” to very specific situations, and in very limited sentence usage. Oddly enough most of those sentences used the word “cunt” as an adjective, and, get this, Jane Fonda as either a subject or object.

For instance, as a young man, while my Vietnam Veteran Marine father would talk about Jane Fonda, he almost ALWAYS used the word “cunt” actually, the way my father would say the word “cunt” wasn’t like it was just a word, it was like a primal grunt, so it was more like “CunTuh” and it wasn’t just my vietnam veteran father, it was also his vietnam veteran friends, and brothers, and also most of the wives of my father and his vietnam veteran friends, like. . . well, my mother, who has no problem with calling Jane Fonda a Cunt.

So, I thank you Jane Fonda for informing the world that “cunt” is just a word and that no one should be ashamed of it, and if you ever feel the urge to use it, USE it, because words can’t hurt you, words like:

Jane Fonda is a treasonous cunt

That cunt Jane Fonda is telling me to buy CFL’s again.


Why did the cunt cross the road?

Because Jane Fonda is a filthy cunt cunty cunt whore cunt.

(okay, that last one was a bit of a reach, but it still strikes to the heart of the matter.)

So thank you cunt for making sure that the rest of us understand that it is now OK to use the word “cunt,” especially in reference to you.

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