Absolute Moral Authority

Because plain old moral authority just wasn’t good enough — a mesablue production

A PSA from AMA

Posted by mesablue on February 16, 2008

In light of Wickedpinto’s post below, I thought it would be important to make this public service announcement…


10 Responses to “A PSA from AMA”

  1. olivia said

    I find your Sister “cunt” video HIGHLY OFFENSIVE AND DEGRADING TO WOMEN I truly think as a woman if I had the means to produce a video I would have a guy at a bar acting the sexist, whoremaster, lewd, vulgar person he was in a similiar scenario but the man would call himself a fucking sexist prick over and over emphasizing PRICK and you men know who you are!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO LABEL ALL WOMEN CUNTS !!! why because they won’t do everything you want and kiss your ass while they are doing it.

  2. Olivia honey you’re not a cunt, you’re pathetic.

  3. Now that I think about it, is that your ex-wife mesa?

  4. mesablue said

    She’s a sweetie pie compared to the anti-wife.

  5. Rosetta said

    I liked Olivia better in Grease.

  6. I thought you liked your women covered in Hollandaise sauce rosetta?

  7. Rosetta said

    Well you thought wrong. Gravy.

  8. Bacon or sausage gravy?

  9. Rosetta said

    Tuna gravy.

  10. I’m gonna leave that one alone.

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