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Posted by Wickedpinto on February 16, 2008

Jane Fonda said “the C-word” on live national television the other day wile giving an interview to meredith vierra, while sitting next to eve ensler (spelling? I know it really isn’t necessary, but even though her name starts with an “e” we all pronounce it with a “C” if you know what I mean, what I mean)

Anyways, Jane says “cunt” and when she says it, she looks directly at the camera, and pauses before saying it, which clearly demonstrates that it was not an “inadvertent” or whatever the spelling is, error on her part. Jane was being provocative.

First, I would like to say, that I rarely ever use the word cunt, I think it is a low and vile word, I think that the word itself is offensive to all women, even if it is used in a less offensive way, for instance, I used to bang this one hot broad who would always refer to her “flower” as a “meaty cunt,” thats a true story, and even though it was pretty hot while I was hitting that shit, it was more than a little off-putting, because I found the word more than a little bit offensive in general usage. (btw, erica call me next time you are in town.)

Having said that, let me THANK Jane Fonda for her “apology” about having used the word “cunt,” because Jane, the GREAT Lady Jane said, quite clearly that the word “cunt” is just a word, and there is no reason to be frightened of it. Once again Jane, because for Years, and Years, I have restricted my use of the word “cunt” to very specific situations, and in very limited sentence usage. Oddly enough most of those sentences used the word “cunt” as an adjective, and, get this, Jane Fonda as either a subject or object.

For instance, as a young man, while my Vietnam Veteran Marine father would talk about Jane Fonda, he almost ALWAYS used the word “cunt” actually, the way my father would say the word “cunt” wasn’t like it was just a word, it was like a primal grunt, so it was more like “CunTuh” and it wasn’t just my vietnam veteran father, it was also his vietnam veteran friends, and brothers, and also most of the wives of my father and his vietnam veteran friends, like. . . well, my mother, who has no problem with calling Jane Fonda a Cunt.

So, I thank you Jane Fonda for informing the world that “cunt” is just a word and that no one should be ashamed of it, and if you ever feel the urge to use it, USE it, because words can’t hurt you, words like:

Jane Fonda is a treasonous cunt

That cunt Jane Fonda is telling me to buy CFL’s again.


Why did the cunt cross the road?

Because Jane Fonda is a filthy cunt cunty cunt whore cunt.

(okay, that last one was a bit of a reach, but it still strikes to the heart of the matter.)

So thank you cunt for making sure that the rest of us understand that it is now OK to use the word “cunt,” especially in reference to you.


[the management]: Gee, I wonder what this post is going to do to our search term stats?

20 Responses to “Cunt”

  1. Here in the People’s Republic of Amherst we had our HIGH SCHOOL perform ‘The Vagina Monologues” last night (the same school that banned a production of ‘West Side Story’ in 1999). School officials not only did not apologize for a teenager using the C-word, they are proud ot it. Only in Amherst!

  2. I’d agree, she’s a total cunt. I think Helen Thomas is too as well as Madeleine Albright, Jante Reno,Rosie, Cindy Sheehan, the whole lot of em.

  3. cranky said

    New movie announcements:

    Hanoi Jane is The Cunt

    Hanoi Jane, The Cunt stars in The Drip

  4. Lemur King said

    Larry, I’m aghast that they’d do the VM thing at a hi skool of all places. AND the C-word with nary a blink of an eye? What are people using for brains these days, their c… uh, their d… their asses?

    I think the only one I might disagree with being on the C-list would be Sheehan. I think she’s a wretched human being but she’s also mentally ill. I find it hard to despise sick people unless they are consciously trying to hurt people. She’s so clueless that it hurts to watch her.

    Jane Fonda now… she makes the C-list, head of the class.

    – LK

  5. I think the only one I might disagree with being on the C-list would be Sheehan.

    In hindsight you’re prolly right. Cindy Sheehan is not the C-word. She’s more the K-word. Kook.

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  7. Rosetta said

    Hahahaha! Nice post title WP.

  8. mesablue said

    Yeah, the people that have AMA headlines loaded on their sidebar (yes, there are a few) are probably really happy right now.

  9. Rosetta said

    Hahahaha. I hadn’t thought about that. Nice!

  10. Cathy said

    Enjoyed your write up, WP. I had a good laugh!

  11. wickedpinto said

    I personaly find it Hilarious that “jane fonda cunt” in a google search has millions of hits. It’s just oh so fitting, though about 38 years late.

  12. TRM said

    LOL,,, you said cunt…

  13. skinbad said

    In a college English class, a kid was giving the prof. the same “it’s only words” argument. The prof. said, “Is that right, shithead?” True story.

  14. skinbad said

    The “recent comments” thing for this post good. Not as creative as “a fat naked woman with greased thighs” but sometimes simplicity has a lot going for it.

  15. you are all cunts. fucking right wing moronic cunts. you have every right to express your cunty views, but they only serve to highlight what a bunch of cunts you are.

  16. Get me a fruit roll-up Diso

  17. stanley shatton said

    You people really are quite repressed, aren’t you.

    Take a breath. Think.

    Then think some more.

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  19. I love the word cunt

  20. George said

    I have thought of her as the consummate CUNT beginning the day she kissed ass of the Viet Cong while the scumbags were killing our soldiers. She will always be a CUNT. My brother flew med evac Hueys in Viet Nam, got shot down twelve times, saved lots of American lives. This cunt should have been tried for treason, convicted, and executed for her crime;. Sorry Jane., you are an outstanding actress but you can’t share my foxhole in time of war. I’d never be able to turn my back on you which is why you are better off dead.

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