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Ah, crap

Posted by mesablue on February 18, 2008

Look for gas prices to go up again…


Explosion Rocks Oil Refinery In Big Spring

There has been an explosion at an oil refinery in Big Spring, located about 250 miles west of Fort Worth, near Midland.

The refinery is owned by Dallas-based Alon USA. It employs about 170 people and produces about 70,000 barrels of oil a day.

Blake Lewis, a spokesman for the company, said that all of the refinery’s employees had been accounted for about one hour after the explosion. At least one worker was injured and taken to the hospital, Lewis said. The condition of the worker is not known.

The company does not know what caused the explosion, but fire sparked by the blast was quickly put under control.

2 Responses to “Ah, crap”

  1. TRM said

    nah… you have to insult islam or chavez to make prices go up…

  2. GrumpyUnk said

    I saw the picture and was secretly hoping that was in Berkeley. Does that make me a bad person?

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