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Leave Kwame alone!

Posted by mesablue on March 14, 2008

Bumped: I posted this on January 30th, but Kwame is now getting well earned national attention for his “indiscretions” — this deserves another look.

Heh, for those outside of Michigan, the “Gangsta Mayor” is in trouble again. This time for lying in court about an affair with his chief of staff during a lawsuit brought by former police officers who were fired for having the gall to try to investigate wrong doing by the Mayor and his staff. The City of Detroit had to settle for several million dollars. Kwame didn’t think anyone would ever find out about the text messages that he sent on his city issued cell phone to his paramour about getting rid of the officers and how she has a sweet, sweet booty.

Guess he doesn’t watch The Wire.


4 Responses to “Leave Kwame alone!”

  1. “even though she looks like scottie pippen”

  2. Smokey Behr said

    What do you expect out of New Fallujah? The parade of idiots continues!

  3. I watched this the first time, but it’s MUCH more funny now.

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