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You’re doing it wrong

Posted by mesablue on March 20, 2008

The World’s Weirdest Engineering Disaster

On a fateful day in 1980 a group of oil drillers were working in a shallow lake in Louisiana probing for oil. A miscalculation sent their drill straight into a large salt mine shaft below the lake’s surface. The hole started at just over a foot in diameter but rapidly widened as the water from the lake above washed away the salt around it. What started out quite simply ended in disaster that no one could have predicted.

Yikes. I had never heard about this before.

Those of us from Chicago have first hand experience with what can go wrong when you start poking holes under large bodies of water.


11 Responses to “You’re doing it wrong”

  1. That was fascinating, mesa!

  2. “intense sucking power”

  3. How hard is it to find the fucking hole? A miscaculation my ass, get it out of there.

  4. miscalculation………..hate it when I spell stuff wrong.

  5. I just had to post this thing, too, mesa! But I credited the snot out of you – so I hope you’re ok with it.

    I thought it was funny that most of the barges “came back up”. That would have been creepy to see.

  6. Rosetta said

    That’s incredible! How did you come across that? Did you catch it on the History Channel.

    Amazing stuff.

  7. Rosetta said

    “intense sucking power”

    What does a giant whirlpool vortex and pajama momma have in common?

  8. What does a giant whirlpool vortex and pajama momma have in common?


  9. Rosetta said


    Wait. What?

  10. Yeah, I don’t know either.

  11. Happy Easter Mesa!

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